How to Get New Saudi Visit Visa Stamped from Manama, Bahrain in 2022
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How to Get New Saudi Visit Visa Stamped from Manama, Bahrain in 2022

There are two types of Saudi visit Visa for Families. One is a Single Entry Visa for six months, and the other is a Multiple-entry visa for one year. The first one is extended for one month via Absher. You can keep extending it to six months. For Multiple visit visas, the policy is changed Now. For now, you have to take an exit from Saudi Arabia and re-enter to get a further extension of 3 months. Going to your motherland may be hectic and will cost you a lot. Therefore I will share my story of how I Extended my visit visa by going to Bahrain using the King Fahad Causeway. In Bahrain, VFS Tasheel is responsible for New Visa stamping.

How to Get a new Visit visa and get it Stamped from 

Here is how this procedure works.

My Scenario

My family’s visit visa was already expired on my passport. The issue was that if I took an exit from Saudi Arabia, the visit visa would have been finished, and my family would not be able to return to Saudi Arabia.

What did I do?

How did I do that? I Issued a new Visit Visa for my family. I took my Family to Bahrain and got this Visa Stamped From VFS TAsheel Office in Manama, Bahrain. Here is a detailed answer to that, and I hope I will be able to guide you step by step. Stay With Me.

Step 1 – Get a New Visit Visa from Saudi Arabia

If your Visa is Expired on your passport, then you need to get a new visit visa from Saudi Arabia. Before starting your application for a new visa, you need to make sure you put “Stamping Place” as Manama, Bahrain. Because this is where you will get your visa stamped. I applied for the new visa and got it within three days. My family was still in Saudi Arabia on a previous visit visa. So if you ask whether you can get a new visa while your family is still in Saudi Arabia, the answer is YES. 

Step 2 – Get E-Visa for Bahrain

Initially, Bahrain was giving On Arrival Visas, but that facility is not available now. You need to apply for an E Visa for each family member. For Iqama Holders, Bahrain is still giving Visa on Arrival and Charging you depending upon your Occupation on your Iqama. I didn’t want any unnecessary risks, so I also opted for an E Visa. I applied from their official Site, and within 4 to 5 days, I got E Visas for each family member. You can also launch a complaint on Tawasul if your Visas are late. 


I paid 4BD and later on 5BD per visa. So total, it was 9BD = 90 Riyals per Passport. 


It is a 30 Day Visa and the maximum you can stay in Bahrain is 30 Days.

Step 3 – Travel to Bahrain

We are Located far From Riyadh, nearly 1000 km from my city Riyadh. We booked Saptco for Riyadh and then from Riyadh to Dammam. It took us almost 15 Hours to Reach Dammam. From Dammam, there are 2 Trips daily to Manama, Bahrain. Charges for One person are 95 Riyal or 9.5BD. 

Step 4 – Checking at King Fahad Causway

On the Saudi Side of King Fahad Causeway, they will Check your Iqama and Re-Entry Visa and the Visit Visa of each family member. They will also check Bahrain’s Visa for Each member. After checking my family’s visa, the Jawazat person told me you know your Family visa is expired, and you cannot enter Saudi Arabia. I said yes and showed him the new visa, which I would stamp in Manama. He Checked the Visa and Stamping place on it and let us all go with a smile on his face. We thanked him and went to our Bus.

After that we reached Manama at around 9 pm. We stayed at a hotel that was just 15 Min Away from VFS Tasheel Office. 

Step 5 – Stamping Visa from VFS Tasheel

VFS Tasheel is a Globally recognized Visa Center for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have offices in almost every Country. In Bahrain, you must get to VFS Tasheel if you want to stamp your Saudi Visit Visa. However, In Pakistan, Eitmad Limited is Responsible for Saudi Visa Stamping. 

Procedure at VFS Tasheel:

Step 1 – Appointment:

You need to book an appointment from their Official Website. If Appointments are Full, try to get Walk in Token, but you need to be there at 7:30. They only treat 10 Walk-in Tokens for a day. We Didn’t have an appointment, and it took us three days to submit our passports. 3rd day we were there at 7:30 and still got 3rd Token.

Step 2 – Documents Required

I submitted the following Documents

  • Applicant’s Passport 
  • Applicant’s Passport Copy
  • Marriage Certificate For Wife/Birth Certificate for Children
  • 2 Passport Size Photos with White Background
  • Visa Document 
  • Iqama Copy
  • My Passport Copy

Pay the Fees alongside these Documents, and they will ask you to sit inside the Lounge. It will take an hour to finish everything else, and you will be sent back home.

Step 3 – Passport Collection

We Submitted the passport around 1 pm, and the next day at 4 pm, we received our Passports. Usually, it takes only 24 to 36 Hours for Visa to get stamped on the passport, and the passport is ready to be picked up. So it took only 27 hours in our case.

Step 6 – Getting Back to Saudi Arabia

Once we had our passports, we booked our Saptco tickets for Dammam. Here in Manama, they will check your Saudi Iqama and the Saudi Visa of each Family member. The Procedure is the same as you travel from Dammam to Manama. On the Bahrain side of King Fahad Causeway, they checked our Passports and on Saudi Side, they took the passports and send us to Jawazat officers to get new Border numbers and fingerprints for Adults. After that Saudi Customs checked the Car and Luggage and sets you free to go to Saudi Arabia. 

Step 7 – Welcome to Khobar, Saudi Arabia

After a 20 to 30 Minutes Drive on King Fahad Causeway, You will be Welcomed to Saudi Arabia. Enjoy Your Stay.

I hope I have explained everything well. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding this. I will be happy to assist you all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What are the Documents required to stamp Saudi Visit visa from Bahrain?

Ans: You need Following Documents with you

  • Applicant’s Passport (Orignal)
  • Applicant’s Passport (Copy)
  • Sponser Passport Copy
  • Sponser Iqama
  • MOFA Visa Document
  • Marriage Certificate for Wife
  • Birth Certificate for Childern
  • 2 Passport Size Photos with White Background.

2 – What are the Charges at VFS Tasheel for per passport?

Ans: I Paid around 750 to 800 Riyals per passport for my Family

3 – Do we need Bahrain e Visa to get into Bahrain?

Ans: YES. You need E Visa for each of your Family member. You can get On Arrival Visa depending upon your Occupation on Iqama.

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  1. Hi thank you very much for your valuable inputs and instructions, I have a question do we need to submit arabic translated copies for marriage certificate and birth certificate

    1. Hi sir, I just want to ask, Is this still applicable this year in 2023?
      And they will stamped the visa in bahrain even if the sponsor is the wife?
      Should I need to go with my husband in Bahrain or He can process it by Himself, No need for my appearance? Thank you.

  2. Masha Allah tabarak Allah jazak Allah sir very helpful post I want to do it same insha Allah just guide me plz how to apply visa from mofa for Bahrain jazak Allah 0554614713 my whatsapp number

    1. You can apply directly by yourself or you can go to any “Maktab” and ask him to apply for family visa and make sure to ask him i need to Put stamping place as “Manama, Bahrain”. He will take care of the rest. Normally they charge 50 Riyal per visa.

    1. Bahrain Visa: 90 Saudi Riyal
      Visa Stamping: around 800 Saudi Riyal

      Rest is up to you where you live and what you eat and how you travel.

  3. My marriage certificate is attested from pakistan mofa and its in English do i need to translate it in arabic and attest it from saudia or what ??

  4. If visa is expired there will be penalty known, how u stay inside KSA after visit visa got expired? Pls share your experiences.

    1. There is no plenty if your Visa is Valid on Absher. Penalty starts when your Visa is expired on token and also Expired on absher. My Visa Expire date on Absher was 16 May and we travelled on 09 May. No one asked anything.

  5. Your post is very helpful.
    Do we need to take our family members with us? to VFS tasheel office or no need.

    Can you pls explain the Biometric enrolment step which I read in VFS tasheel website?
    They will collect biometric of Sponsor (Husband) or for all visa applicants?

    Step 4: Biometric Enrolment

    Upon submitting your documents, you will be requested to submit your biometrics information (Biographic data, fingerprints and facial image) at the Visa Service Center.
    Please refer to the section ‘Biometric Enrolment’ to know more about this procedure.
    Your completed visa application will be collected at this counter for further processing.

    1. Thank you for the Appreciation!
      1 – YES You need to take family with you.
      2 – Biometric is only for Visa Applicant who is Elder than 5 Year

  6. Dear brother, Thanks for a very well explained procedure, however, I would request you to please provide a few additional details requested below:

    1. When a new visa is stamped at VFS Tasheel, Do they also provide a copy of insurance stapled to the passport, or, we have buy insurance separately?
    2. If wife’s name is on my passport and her name is on mine, Do we still need to produce a Marriage certificate?
    3. Is having a original birth certificate mandatory? I have a colored photocopy, Will that be OK?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Brother. Thank you for appreciating my effort. Here are your answers
      1 – They inlcude Travel Insurance with the visa. However, they don’t provide any document.
      2 – Marriage Certificate is Compulsory!
      3 – Photocopy is OK 🙂