Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia for Expats

Newborn Baby in the Family? Here is how to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia for Expats

The Saudi government allows you to get your Saudi birth certificate for Saudi expats and Saudi citizens. They will provide you with the birth certificate in Saudi Arabia for expats, an official document that allows the holder to get all the services, get started with education, driving licence, and other services requiring proof of birth document. We will provide you with accurate information about getting a Saudi birth certificate.

Such a certificate is issued through a statutory form in Arabic, with sections for all the information on it. Furthermore, it includes the name of the father and mother, date of birth, gender and place of birth. For each child, they issue one certificate. The main purpose of this document is for identification purposes or for issuing further certificates.

Detailed Procedure of getting Birth Certificate

Required Documents to Apply for Saudi Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia

Here is the List of Documents that you need

  • Original passports plus photocopies of the parents’ passports
  • Original as well as photocopy of parents’ Permanent Residency (Saudi Iqama)
  • Can get birth certificate records from the hospital from the Health Ministry in Saudi Arabia, including your child’s name and parents’ information.

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How can you get an online appointment for a birth certificate?

Step 1: Make an appointment to get your birth certificate

  • Visit the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s website (MOI).
  • Click on Civil Affairs after selecting E-Services.
  • Click on “Book an Appointment”
  • Submit your personal details, including your ID, city, sector, and newborn baby’s details.
  • Make a reservation.
  • Take a printout of the confirmation of your reservation.

Step 2: Request a birth announcement from the hospital

Personal info of the kid’s mother, such as nationality, passport, and Saudi Iqama numbers, is needed to acquire a Saudi birth notice from the hospital. Thus, the hospital will issue you with a document that you must present to obtain the child’s birth certificate.

Step 3: Obtain the Birth Certificate for the Baby

After receiving the Birth Notification, visit the civil affairs office aka Ahwal Madina in Saudi Arabia. Also, make sure you get all of the necessary paperwork for this treatment, including application form 87.

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Step 4: Get the ministry of Foreign Affairs office attestation

Once you have your birth certificate in Saudi Arabia for expats, submit it to the MOFA for attestation. Also, Please remember that a preliminary birth cert is only suitable for one year. However, After the newborn gets all the requisite medical vaccinations, he gets the original certificate.

  • Firstly, Fill out an application on the MOFA website.
  • Furthermore, Select E-Services, and then Ratify Service on Documents under Many Used Services.
  • Thirdly, Scroll down the page and select “Start the Service” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the form. Furthermore, complete the appropriate attestation payments.
  • Lastly, print the completed application form and submit it to the MOFA office for attestation.

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Frequently asked Questions

1 – How can I obtain an expat birth certificate in Saudi Arabia?

  • Go over to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s website.
  • E-Services are the first option, followed by Civil Affairs.
  • Choose book reservations in the civil affairs section.
  • Enter your personal details and schedule an appointment.
  • The meeting reservations transcript should be printed.

2 – How can I certify your birth certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia?

  • Choose “Add New Document” from the drop-down menu, then “Type of Document” from the drop-down menu. For instance, a birth certificate
  • 1st Document Number
  • Select “Add Document” from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the Captcha code in the box below.
  • Select “Submit” from the drop-down menu.

3 – In Saudi Arabia, how do I rename the baby’s birth certificate?

  • Contact the hospitals at which the birth & fill out a form to rename the Ministry of Health’s Birth Notification.
  • Arrange a meeting with Ahwal Madani after receiving the updated notification.
  • Fill out the Edit, delete, add, and correct form on the MOI website.

4 – How can I obtain a duplicate of my birth certificate?

Suppose the birth certificate is established in Saudi Arabia. In that case, you can get a duplicate copy of a misplaced or damaged birth certificate from the Ahwal e Madani or Civil Affair office for documentation purposes.

Final words

In short, the birth certificate in Saudi Arabia for expats is valid for the entire life of the citizens and expatriates who are eligible to get their birth certificates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, This certificate is designed by the ministries of interior and health along with the directives of Dar Al-Ifta and is prepared in Arabic.

Moreover, Getting such a certificate is vital for many activities like registering the baby in a school, providing him with a passport to travel, visa application and many other uses.

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