How to file a complaint regarding labor issue

How to file a complaint regarding labor issue

Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has said that employers cannot change workers’ salaries without their consent and written approval. They can also file a complaint in case they have any Labor issues.

The ministry has stated in response to an employee’s complaint about a pay cut by an agency.
According to the emergency website, an employee posted a complaint on the official account of the Ministry of Manpower. “His salary has reduced without asking. What is Saudi law?”

The Ministry of Manpower responded by saying, “The salary of any worker cannot differ from contract or agreement. Also, an employer cannot deduct the salary of a worker without his written approval and consent.”

Suppose someone’s employment contract is terminated on an illegal basis, or the company’s employer starts giving less pay or deducting some percentage of income without the worker’s consent. In that case, the affected person can file a claim against it.

How to file a complaint for a Labor Issue

If any person has complained regarding some labor issue, they can use this ministry’s link   to reach through the redressal of employee disputes. 

Moreover, responding to a question about the reduction in the workers’ labor, the Ministry of Manpower said, “It is against the law to reduce the labor of any worker on an illegal basis.”

Employees can file Complaints through the Maallarsad app.

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