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How to Check Traffic Violations in KSA

Every time a person got a traffic violations ticket in Saudi Arabia, it gets to every Saudi legal department, including his IQAMA, Absher portal, and MOI Traffic fines. A traffic violation is also a serious KSA crime. Suppose a person violates traffic rules, a ticket issued against that person, and every query traffic violation should be paid under 30 days. He should keep track of the Saudi traffic fine check and If the person fails to pay the fine under the given time, then the amount will become double, and he will be dealt with critically.

However, many expats who live in Saudi Arabia don’t know how many traffic violation tickets are charged against their IQAMA or the exact amount of a traffic violation. They have no idea of Saudi traffic fine check. Therefore, to solve this query traffic violation, we have three different methods which we are going to mention below.

Methods to check traffic violations:

Here are three different methods for saudi traffic fine check

(1)- Check Violation Status using “ABSHER.”
(2)- Saudi traffic fine check using “ATM.”
(3)- Query traffic Violation check using “MOI QUERY CALL SERVICE.”

Check Violations Status using “ABSHER.”

(1)– Open the Absher portal

            Here: “ABSHER

(2)– Select your preferred language from given languages:

(3)– Login with your account credentials:

(4)– After that, choose individual from given options

(5)– Once you logged into your account, you have to select query and then select “NUMBER OF VIOLATIONS.”

(6)– Now, put your IQAMA number and some details, including your passport number.

(7)– After that, click on submit. On the next page, you will see the number of traffic violation tickets against your vehicle and IQAMA number, and the amount of fine issued by MOI Traffic Violation.

Saudi traffic fine check using “ATM.”

To check the violation status at the ATM, you must have to follow the below procedure.

(1)– Go to the nearest ATM and put your bank card

(2)– Select your preferred language.

(3)– Login with your username into your bank account

(4)– After login, click on SERVICES.

(5)– Here, click on the query and then select “NUMBER OF VIOLATION INFORMATION.”

(6)– Now, put your IQAMA number and some details, including your passport number.

(7)– After that, click on submit, and then you will be directed to your required information page containing the “ VIOLATION STATUS.” Here you will see details of violations against your vehicle and IQAMA number.

Query Traffic Violations check using “MOI QUERY CALL SERVICE.”:

If your phone number is registered at “Absher,” then you can check the violation status by just CALLING

(1)- Just dial “011-2928888” from your phone number 

(2)- Now, after calling, choose your preferred language such as “ENGLISH” by pressing 2

(3)- Once you selected your preferred language, the automated voice will continue. Now, to get the “traffic violation status,” you have to press one on the keypad.

(4)- After pressing one, you have to put your IQAMA number on the keypad.

(5)- Once you put your IQAMA number on the keypad, you will get the required information about the Number of  Violations, Paid, Unpaid and Details on the screen

These three methods are the most important ones to check for any query traffic violation in KSA.

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