Traffic Violation

Traffic Violation – How to check Traffic Violation KSA

Every time a person got a traffic violation ticket, it is updated to every legal department, including his IQAMA, Absher portal, Ministry of Interior page for violations. As every crime in KSA is dealt with according to relative rules and regulations, a violation is also a serious KSA crime.

Moreover, Suppose a person violates any rules, a traffic ticket issued against that person, and he will pay it within 30 days. Pay this under the given time; otherwise, the amount will become double, and you will be dealt with critically. However, To make things easier, we have answered the question on how to check traffic violation?

Here is how you can answer query traffic violation in two ways.

Query Traffic Violation Using Absher:

To check the number of violation status, which is also MUKHALFA, you have to follow the below procedure.

  • Open the Absher Portal.
  • Click on Individuals and log in with your details
  • Now Click on Detailed Query Traffic Violation
Traffic Violation - Absher Dashboard
Traffic Violation – Absher Dashboard
  • Lastly, On the Next page you will see your Paid and unpaid traffic violations.

Check Violation details using ATM:

To check the detail of violation status at the ATM, you have to follow the below procedure.

1– Go to the nearest ATM and put your bank card

2– Select your preferred language.

3– Login with your username into your bank account

4– After login, click on SERVICES.

5– Here, click on the query and then select “NUMBER OF TRAFFIC INFORMATION.”

6-Now, put your IQAMA number and details, including your passport number.

7– After that, click on submit. The next page will have all the details of traffic violations against your vehicle and IQAMA number.

That’s it. This is how to check violation in KSA. There may be some other ways too but these two are the widely used and easy methods.

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