Final Exit Visa

How to check Final Exit Visa and its Status

Saudi Arabia has opened its border from January 3rd, 2021. Any Expat who wants to go can book his/her ticket. Suppose an “EXPAT” decided to leave the KSA permanently on the current IQAMA. In that case, he will exit the country with the final visit visa.

An “EXPAT” should show good behavior with his sponsors because he is a temporary residence of KSA. It doesn’t make a difference in how many years or decades of life an “EXPAT” has spent in KSA. A person can only leave the KSA on a final exit if his sponsor allows him, so make sure to remain good with the sponsor.

The final exit visa means that you are finally leaving the country permanently on your current IQAMA.

If you want to come back to Saudia, you have to go to a new IQAMA and re-entry visa.

Things to remember before going on Final Exit Visa:

An “EXPAT” should check the following things, which are written below, before leaving the country permanently.

If he forgot to check anything mentioned below, he might be stopped by authorities at the airport.

  • Finalize your bank accounts.
  • Withdraw all the Earnings
  • If you have dependents in Saudia, send them to their homeland.
  • Tell your House Owner about your exit Visa
  • Sell all the Vehicles and Cargo all the essential items
  • Pay all the fines
  • Clear all the bills
  • Deactivate all the sims and Landline numbers
  • Request permission from your Sponsor

Make sure you follow all these. They may not be compulsory but it is a good habit to follow these.

How to Check Status of Final Exit Visa:

Suppose a person has applied for a final visit while considering all the above things. In that case, it is sure that the last visit visa will be issued under his IQAMA in 24-48 working hours, but how will you know your visa status.

There are three ways by which you can check your final exit visa status.

  • Check via Abshar Account
  • Enquire Via Ministry of Labor Website
  • Check Status via Ministry of Interior website

Check Status via Abshar Account:

  • First of all, open the “ABSHER” portal and put your username and password to login into your account.
  • Click on the “Dashboard” to see all the services which are covered in Absher.
  • Below your account information, you will see a button “More details” click on that.
  • The next tab is open now.  In this new tab, you will see visa information. In this information, you will see a word written “VISA CLASS.”
    • If the visa class is written final, then it means your visa is accepted and issued
    • If it is written “Normal,” it means your visa is still not issued.

Check Status via MOL:

To check the status of your final exit visa using the Ministry of Labor website, follow all the steps below:

  • Visit the MOL Website.
  • Put your IQAMA number and image, and then click on continue.
  • After clicking on continue, a small tab will open with the required information, but it will be in ARABIC.
  • In this type at right, you will see a point of “ حالة الأمل
    • If “ خروج نهائي” is written in it, then it means your final visa is issued
    • If you will see “علي رأس الأمل” written in it then it means your visa is still not given and its under process.

Check Status of Final Exit Visa via MOI:

To check the status of your final exit visa using the Ministry of Interior website, follow all the steps below:

  • Visit the MOI Website
  • Click on the “E-SERVICES TAB
  • In the next tab, Put your IQAMA number, image captcha, Visa number, and sponsor ID in this tab, and then click continue.
  • Now, a tab will open with the current visa status and its durability.
  • If the visa is final, then it means your final exit visa is issued, and you are ready to go.

Validity of Final Exit Visa:

A Final exit visa is valid for 60 days. 

It means if your final exit visa is issued, then don’t waste any time because it is not possible to extend the final visit visa. You can only cancel the visa at any time in this period of 60 days.

However, if you didn’t cancel the visa or leave the country in 60 days, you will be in a serious problem because your IQAMA period extended, and you are living illegally in KSA. 

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