تطبيق موعد | Mawid App | How to Book an Appointment

تطبيق موعد | Mawid Application|How to Book an Appointment

On 18 JUNE 2018, the “MAWID” app or تطبيق موعد was published on the play store and app store. It is developed under the Ministry of Health’s supervision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and SDAIA. In this article, we will let you know how you can Book an Appointment.

Download the Mawid App تطبيق موعد:

However, If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please download using these links

Here we will Assume you are not registered on this app before. Therefore, please register yourself on this app using our guide on How to register with the Mawid Application. Moreover, In this article, we will highlight all the steps that are required to book an appointment using Mawid App aka تطبيق موعد.

Booking an Appointment using Mawid App

However, To book an appointment for the nearest hospital’s required medical health problem, you must follow the below procedure.

  • Firstly, On the home page of the Mawid app, Click on the Book Appointments button to book an online appointment.
  • Now in the new tab, you will have to add some details.
  • Select the Nearest Medical center in case you have not selected yet. Allow the location so app can show you all available centers.
  • Enter your name as per your Iqama
  • In the “CLINIC,” you have to select the type of clinic you want to visit depends upon your medical health need. For example, if you want a minor checkup or health-related issue, you can select “FAMILY MEDICINE HEALTH CLINIC.”
  • Select the best suitable date and time
  • After selecting the best time and date for your appointment, you will be asked a query that “why you want to visit the hospital?”. You have to write the reason for your visit and a mobile phone number to inform you if your appointment is canceled or delayed due to official problems.
  • Click on the Book An Appointment to make it official
  • When your appointment will be booked, you will be asked whether you want to save it in your calendar or not. Click on the yes button to get the reminder notification on the appointment day.

You can cancel and reschedule your appointment in the “UPCOMING APPOINTMENT” option.

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Main Functions of Mawid Application تطبيق موعد:

The purpose of this electronic medical health application is to provide the easiest way of booking an appointment in the relative health care department of the hospital without wasting any time.

Getting the appointment token at the hospital was a time taken due to many patients or visitors in Government hospitals. This application is an eco-friendly application and was considered the most used application throughout the COVID-19 time span for self-assessment and self-testing.

In July 2020, almost millions of Saudi and Expat had their self-assessment test through this application.

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