Apply for New Iqama in 2024

How to Apply for New Saudi Iqama in 2024

Living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) offers unique advantages for expatriates. However, these benefits come with certain legal requirements. A key requirement for expatriates, commonly referred to as “EXPATS”, is obtaining a residence permit known as an Iqama. This guide will explain how you can apply for a new Saudi Iqama, an essential document for legal residency in KSA.

Applying New Saudi Iqama for 1st time

An Iqama is more than just a permit; it serves as the primary identification for expats in Saudi Arabia and should be carried at all times. It includes details about the holder’s identity, profession, and the validity of their stay. Importantly, this document has an expiration date and specifies the holder’s work permissions.

Iqama rules in Saudi Arabia

If the Iqama expires, the expat residing in Saudi Arabia may face serious legal issues. An expired Iqama is considered a violation of residency laws, making the individual’s stay illegal. It is crucial for expats to renew their Resident Permit within the specified time to avoid complications.

How to Get new Iqama Card

For expats arriving in Saudi Arabia, obtaining a new Saudi Iqama is a critical step. To acquire a new Saudi Iqama, the following are essential:

  • Undergoing a medical test.
  • Providing a copy of your passport.
  • Knowing your Border Number, which is available online.
  • Securing Health Insurance.
  • Paying the Iqama Issuance Fee – approximately SR 650.
  • Covering the Maktab Amal Fee.
  • Registering with professional bodies like SOCPA (for accountants), SCE (for engineers), or SCFHS (for medical staff), depending on your profession.
  • Ensuring your employer falls under the Green Nitaqat Category. You can check their Red Green Color status.

Processing Time of New Saudi Iqama and Medical Test Details

After fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, your employer will initiate the online application for your new Saudi Iqama. The card is usually delivered through the Saudi postal system within about three days.

The medical test is comprehensive, including screenings for conditions like HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, along with vision and hearing assessments. The fee for this medical test is around SR 200.

Beware of No iqama After 90 days Situation

It is duty of Your employer to obtain iqama within 90 days of your arrival. Failing to receive your Iqama within this period may lead to penalties for the employer, and you might have the option to change your sponsorship without needing your current sponsor’s consent. Knowing your right in Saudi Arabia is important for all Expats.


Staying compliant with residency regulations, including the timely acquisition and renewal of your new Saudi Iqama, is crucial for a trouble-free and rewarding experience in KSA. Understanding these requirements and ensuring both you and your employer fulfill your respective obligations will pave the way for a successful stay in Saudi Arabia.

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