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How to Apply for Iqama 2021

Living in KSA has its own perks. But every perk has its limitations. The same is the case with Expats in Saudi Arabia. “EXPATS” can only live in KSA if and only if they have native or citizen permit, which is called “IQAMA” in Saudi language. This Guide will let you know how you can apply for Iqama.

This residence permit has some expiry date and works access. If the expiry date passed out, then “EXPAT” can be in a serious problem. “EXPAT” should renew his “Resident permit” in the given time; otherwise, he will be in excruciating pain.

Expired “IQAMA” means the person is staying illegally in KSA.

IQAMA renewal, insurance, and health care are mostly the employer’s responsibility. An employer cannot deduct the IQAMA renewal charges from the employee salary

The actual Iqama card goes about as the identification of expats, and KSA expats are encouraged to carry it with them consistently as it contains

What data is available on Iqama:

A typical Iqama has followoig details on it

  1. Complete name and picture of Expat
  2. Date of Birth of Expat
  3. Motherland of Expat
  4. Sponsor Name
  5. Employment title of Expat
  6. Iqama Numer
  7. Legitimacy Date
  8. Issue and Expiry Date

Arriving in Saudi Arabia:

All expats living in Saudi Arabia, from kids to grown-ups to the older, need an Iqama. Once you have Iqama there are few things that you need to remember. It is also critical to realize that Iqama should be renewed each year.

However, The process of getting IQAMA is very long. To get your IQAMA at the right time, you should have to follow the below procedure carefully. Let’s start from the very beginning

Obtaining Block Visa from your sponser:

If you are already in Saudia, then no need to read this section. Move to the “Work Permit and Iqama Application” heading.

Block Visas are what grants organizations to support (utilize) expats, and the visa is given on the outside public’s citizenship, origin, work title, and educational foundation.

The supporting companies should initially apply for and get a block visa from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. These are specific mass for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, which supports international businesses for long journey work of neighborhood organizations.

The business should initially enlist with the Ministry of Interior, who will open a “migration record.” This will contain information of all expat representatives with that business.

The supporting manager should be enrolled in Saudi Arabia and hold a legitimate business permit. The company might be approached to present an assortment of archives recorded beneath.

However, The Organization will probably be approached to show a guarantee to “Saudization,” which demonstrates that there are no Saudi residents accessible to fill the position. The business is finding a way to utilize Saudi residents where conceivable. 

The Company at that point starts a work visa application with the Ministry of Labor.

This can take 1-3 months.

Visa Authorization and Power of Attorney:

Whenever authorization is acquired, the supporting manager should then demand the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to give a visa approval number and ability of advocate, which let the business apply for a work visa for the laborers’ sake.

The Ministry of Foreign issues will give a Visa Authorization Number.

This takes fourteen days. 

Work Visa Application:

The real Work Visa is given by the significant Saudi government office under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ guidance.

However, the worker should apply to the relevant Saudi Arabian consulate. The representative should present an application structure and the required documents to the government office. 

After the embassy gives the Work/Employment visa, the individual can head out to Saudi Arabia. The Work/Employment visa will permit a stay of between 14-90 days. However, you should also Make sure you are also familiar with the new rules and laws of Saudi Arabia.

As you came to KSA, this is the time where you should have to apply for IQAMA.

Work Permit and apply for Iqama:

In any case, an application for a work license and IqamaIqama should be submitted to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development within 90 days of the laborer’s appearance.

Moreover, if the worker should leave the nation whenever during the time of their IqamaIqama, they should acquire an exit and re-emergence license from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

However, To finish your Iqama application, the organization will request your identification and 2 visas estimated photographs, ordinarily dealt with by the HR office.
While you may have just finished a wellbeing test to acquire your clinical declaration, another medical examination test is essential while applying for your work grant.

The new wellbeing assessment results from a neighborhood KSA wellbeing focus should be submitted with your Iqama application.

Requirements for Iqama

Arrange these Documents before applying for the IQAMA and work permit.

  • Passport (original and copies)
  • Passport-sized pictures (2 documents)
  • Passport-sized images of Sponsor (2 copies)
  • Iqama application form
  • Medical Health report
  • Health insurance card
  • Biometric identity details

How to Apply for Iqama of Dependents

When you get your IQAMA, you will be able to apply for your family member’s Visa and IQAMA. Once your family is in Saudia, you should immediately apply for Iqama.

Although, the Iqamas of your wife or potentially kids won’t be connected to your utilizing organization. Instead, their IQAMA will be attached to you as you will be their lawful supporter for the time.

Your mate and kids’ Iqamas will likewise have all the essential, necessary information on it, for example, their complete names, identities, and so on. However, if we say a person has a family in KSA. In that case, he has to pay the IQAMA fees of all the dependent family members, including his wife. The IQAMA fees of family members are below.


Iqama Taxes

Dependent Levy


500 SAR

400 SAR


500 SAR

450 SAR

How to Check Application Status:

To check the IQAMA application status after your sponsor submitted the application, you have to follow the below procedure.

1-First of all, open the “ABSHER” portal and put your username and the password to login to your account.

       Here: “ABSHER”

2-However, After login to your account click on the “Dashboard” to see all the services Absher provides.

3-After clicking on “Dashboard” you will see your account information and some services which Absher provide. You will see a button of “Electronic Inquiries” just click on that.

4-However, On the next tab, choose “QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICES

5-After that click on the button “QUERY IQAMA EXPIRY SERVICES” put your Passport number and visa number in the required field and then click on continue.

However, after clicking on next tab it is possible you will see two options

  • If Date is Visible and is in green color then it means your Iqama is issued
  • If no date is visible then your iqama is still under process.

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