Umrah Visa for UK Residents

How to Apply for an Umrah Visa from the UK?

Every Muslim wants to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah at least once. Umrah is a minor pilgrimage that has enormous benefits and rewards. Therefore, Muslims who cannot complete the mandatory pilgrimage as it requires more money and hard physical work try to perform Umrah. If you are a UK citizen, you might wonder how to apply for an Umrah visa from the UK.

To perform an Umrah, people travelling from any region must have any of the two visas the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers. You can either get an Umrah visa or a tourist visa if you want to travel to the holy city of Makkah to perform Umrah. A comprehensive guide will tell you everything you must know about applying for an Umrah visa from the UK.

Visa Requirements for the UK Citizens

Most foreign pilgrims require an Umrah visa to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. But some citizens of some countries can complete this minor pilgrimage with the eVisa offered by Saudi Arabia. UK citizens can perform Umrah on both types of visas.

Moreover, UK citizens applying for an Umrah visa must have travel insurance. Their insurance must cover all the medical costs in case any emergency happens during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

The eVisa application process is a lot more convenient than other visa processes. Also, when you avail of Umrah Packages UK from a travel agency, you will not have to worry about your visa. It is included in the package, and your travel agents will provide you with either one of the visas depending on your requirements and convenience.

Types of Visa for Pilgrimage

As mentioned earlier, there are two different types of visas in Saudi Arabia for UK citizens, both of which are discussed below in detail.

1. Umrah Visa of Saudi Arabia

Umrah visa of Saudi Arabia is issued to those who want to visit the Kingdom solely for the pilgrimage. There are special perks for the pilgrims if they are travelling on an Umrah visa. For example, you can leave the country with the holy ZamZam water.

Only Muslims can apply for this visa, unlike the tourist visa. There are many countries whose citizens can only perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia without this specific Umrah visa. This visa is more challenging than the eVisa for tourism and has rigorous requirements that you might fulfil for application. You might need help from your local Hajj and Umrah travel agents for the application for an Umrah visa.

2. Tourist eVisa of Saudi Arabia

If you need clarification about how to apply for an Umrah visa from the UK, you must go with the tourist eVisa as it is the more straightforward option. With this visa, you get multiple entries that anyone can apply for, unlike the Umrah visa. Moreover, with this visa, you travel from any airport in Saudi Arabia.

Citizens of approximately forty-nine countries can perform Umrah on a tourist visa, and the United Kingdom is one of them. The application process for a tourist visa is quite simple and straightforward. You can do an eligibility check for the tourist eVisa and apply for it online.

What are the Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa Requirements?

Keep the following documents before applying for a tourist eVisa in Saudi Arabia.

  • National ID card (Birth certificate in case of no ID card) – You will have to prove your official identity for visa application.
  • Applicant Photo – You must have your recent colourful passport-size photo.
  • Travel Authorization – You need a letter from your school or employer stating the reason for your stay.
  • Valid Passport Personal Details Scan – Make sure to scan the bio page of your passport. It must be valid for six months from the day you land in Saudi Arabia.
  • Accommodation Proof – You must mention in the application form where you will stay during your time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Bank Statement – Customs officials must check your bank statement to ensure you have enough money to stay in the country.
  • Vaccinations – Make sure to have a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia. It is mandatory for those from a region with a high disease risk.
  • Onward Ticket – You will have to show your departure ticket too.  The authorities need to know if you have the ticket to leave the country before they let you enter it.

You may need a Valid Umrah Permit in order to enter in Holy Mosque to perform Umrah. Here is how you can get a Umrah Permit.

Final Words

Umrah is the most soul-lifting Sunnah and one of the most superior acts of worship that yield great rewards. If you plan to perform Umrah from the UK, you must take help from a reliable Umrah travel agency to guide you. They will also help clear your confusion on how to apply for an Umrah visa from the UK.

If you want to avoid complications, you can ask them to do everything for you after taking the required documents. As a UK citizen, you will not have to worry about the lengthy and complicated process of applying for an Umrah visa. You can quickly get a tourist eVisa and set on the spiritual journey as soon as possible.

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