Historical Landmarks in Saudi Arabia

5 Historical Landmarks in Saudi Arabia that You Must Visit

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich in history. It is not only the birthplace of Islam but has also
served as a battleground for many significant battles. Therefore, there is plenty of amazing
historical landmarks in Saudi Arabia that you must visit.

The Kingdom has put in a lot of resources and efforts to preserve all the ancient ruins along with
modern treaties. There are various UNESCO World Heritage Sites too in this historically rich
region. If you plan to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon and explore its stunning historical
sites, you should start looking for affordable flights to Saudi Arabia from UK.

And if you are done booking your flight, it is time that you increase your knowledge about the
Kingdom’s exceptional historical landmarks. There is much that Saudi Arabia has to offer. You
will find everything here, from the sites closely linked to Islam to the beautiful places representing the
history of the Arab peninsula.

Historical Landmarks in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of the must-visit historical landmarks in Saudi Arabia.

Madain Salih

Madain Salih, or Al-Hijr, is one of the most frequently visited archaeological sites in the region. It is also the Kingdom’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic site is the most well-preserved site featuring the Nabataean civilisation. Ancient tombs in this region range from the BC first century to the first century of AD.

All of these tombs are pretty massive in size and have ornate facades. Moreover, you can find extensive cave art and more than 50 pre-Nabataean inscriptions on this historical site. It is undoubtedly an unmatched testament to the unique Nabataean civilisation.

Madain Salih is also the perfect representation of the Nabataean civilisation’s architectural skills and hydraulic expertise. There are 111 massive tombs in this area, and 94 of them are embellished, which tourists enjoy. You will also find some ancient wells in the Madain Salih.

Jubbah Hail

Jubbah Hail is an archaeological inscription on the historic caravan route northeast of the Kingdom. This landmark site perfectly represents the Mesolithic period consisting of various rock inscriptions and sculptures from the era.

These rock sculptures include two animals hauling a wheeled cart, men in headgear, and various animals, including monkeys, birds, and gazelles. It is one of the most famous historical destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, millions of tourists visit this site yearly.

Since 2015, the site has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has only increased tourist numbers dramatically.

Masmak Fortress

The Masmak Fortress is also one of the amazing historical landmarks in Saudi Arabia. You should not miss visiting it during your stay in the Kingdom. This fortress in the centre of Riyadh city gives you an exceptional insight into the country’s history. King Abdullah III Bin Faisal al- Saud built this fortress in 1865.

The primary purpose of the Masmak Fortress was to serve as an inner defence during the feud of al-Saud-al-Rashid. It was used as a weapon storage facility, constructed and operated for military purposes only.

But later, Masmak Fortress was considered a patrimonial emblem of the Kingdom. Now it serves as a museum that reflects the exceptional Arab history. Therefore, you will surely enjoy a visit to this historical site.

Mount Uhud

Mount Uhud has great significance in Islamic history. It is the site of one of the earliest battles of Islam that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led himself. This mountain served as a battlefield between the believers in Islam and the Arab pagans. Therefore, it is close to the hearts of Muslims. This mountain is unmatched in its visual glory, and the type of spirituality that Muslims experience here is undeniable.

Due to the increase in the number of tourists and pilgrims visiting this Islamic historical site, Mount Uhud has undergone many changes. But its essence is still in the renovations, and you might still have an unmatched spiritual experience here.

Ushaiqer Heritage Village

Ushaiqer Heritage Village is an oasis-dotted region. It provides an exceptional insight into Saudi Arabia’s past life, which was less fast-paced than now. Bedouins resided in this village over 1500 years ago.

This village is a museum with mud and wooden houses, artefacts, timber-framed walkways, and various rebuilt residences in the middle. The spectacular homes represent Najdi architecture in the best way possible.

You can see the essence of this architecture in the carved wooden doors and triangular roofs and windows. Its stunning appearance makes it one of the most amazing historical landmarks in Saudi Arabia
that you must visit.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rich in history, whether of Islam or the Arabs. This stunning region will have remnants of battlefields, palaces, and fortresses.

So, if you have gotten a chance to visit this beautiful Kingdom, you must do your best to explore all of its historic sites for an unforgettable experience.

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