Health Care In Saudi Arabia

Healthcare In Saudi Arabia Overview

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia has a varied public and private system, both of which provide good quality services. In addition, about 60% of the services are provided publicly through the government’s Ministry of Health. These include:

  • Primary health care centres
  • The hospital
  • Expert services
  • Outpatient Services

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Here are some of the vital health statistics for Saudi Arabia:

  • MINISTRY OF HEALTH of Saudi Arabia spends USD 2.4 billion each year on healthcare (4.7% of GDP)
  • Saudi Arabia Ranked 55th on the 2019 Healthcare Index.

Saudi Arabia is planning to privatize some public health care services in the next few years. However, the Saudi government has said that services will be free for Saudi citizens.

Who Can Access Health Care In Saudi Arabia?

The public health system in KSA is open for Saudi residents and public sector workers. In addition, the following health services are free, including:

  • GP Services
  • Hospital treatment
  • Dental treatment
  • Prescription drugs

People living in Saudi Arabia must have access to private care through hospitals, clinics, and health centres. Since 2005, non-citizens must have compulsory health insurance, and employers must provide it. Additional privacy policies may also be issued.

Health Care Costs In Saudi Arabia:

The Saudi population has grown over the last 20 years. As a result, health care costs have risen. In addition, the government has sought close partnerships with the private sector to help pay for services and move toward an insurance-based system.

Before 2005, government subsidies provided public health care in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, the government introduced compulsory health insurance for non-citizens and, in 2016, extended it to Saudi private-sector employees. The government is planning to expand the system to more Saudis. Individual health costs for foreigners will depend on the nature of their health insurance plan and what treatment they want.

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How To Register For Healthcare As An Expat?

Foreigners cannot access public health in Saudi Arabia, so there is no standard registration procedure.

Your employer will register you for private health insurance, and when you do this, you will receive a health insurance card. You can use your health card for personal healthcare services and facilities like doctors, hospitals, and therapy treatments.

Different individual providers have different registration procedures. However, you may have to provide the following:

  • Passport / valid photo ID
  • Residence permit or visa.
  • Proof of address

The Saudi national portal contains information on access to various health treatments.

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