TWAKKALNA Health Passports Linked To The Iata Application For The International Travellers Facility

Tawakkalna Health Passports Linked To The IATA Application For The International Travellers Facility

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SADA) and the Civil Aviation Department signed an operating protocol agreement on Wednesday. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the Health Passport will link to the IATA (International Air Transport Association) in the TWAKKALNA application.

What Is The Purpose Of This Agreement?

SAUDI ARABIA  is one of the first countries to link a government platform to an international platform. Also, it will strengthen Saudi Arabia’s position in the digital world and help it access digital solutions.

According to the Middle East, this agreement is multi-purpose. There will be a framework for cooperation between the parties. It will inform passengers about civil aviation laws and their rights while facilitating travel

The agreement sign by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority chairman, Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and the chairman of the Civil Aviation Department, Abdul Aziz Al-Dawlij.

The agreement includes aspects related to streamlining travel procedures following best international practices, the Health Passport Platform to digitize health certificates from trusted sources and with certified laboratories in collaboration with airlines, Applications in addition to assisting in IATA integration

The SDAIA and GACA agreement aims to establish a general framework for cooperation between the two sides, including simplifying travel procedures and verifying passenger eligibility on health grounds to protect civil aviation legislation following best international practices.

When Will Saudi Arabia Starts Accepting Iata Travel Pass?

Saudi Arabia will accept the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) travel pass from September 30. It is to verify Corona test results upon arrival and departure of passengers. It will later accept as a vaccination confirmation.

Passengers will have the option to use the International Air Transport Association app or trust. Tawakalna is a health app developed by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority in the kingdom.

What’s The Purpose Of Integrating Health Passports In TWAKKALNA?

The Civil Aviation Department also signed a memorandum of cooperation with IATA to integrate health passports in the Tawakalna app under Sadaya. 

Chairman, SDAIA, said that integrating health passports would help the efforts of government agencies in combating coronavirus epidemics. So that the officials can quickly identify the health status of the passenger and digitize travel procedures.

GACA President Abdulaziz Al-Daleej said the Authority seeks to reach an integrated digital solution to support the TAWAKKALNA system. To enhance its cooperation with the IATA, which aims to improve air traffic in the country.

The Authority also seeks to improve the customer experience at airports. Whether they use logistical services to connect with other modes of transport. They simplify boarding and landing procedures and facilitate customer care.

GACA aims to support the Tawakkalna system. They expand their cooperation with IATA to reach integrated digital solutions that reflect the state’s position in digital transformation.

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