Hajj Pilgrims can get 2nd Dose of Vaccine Without Prior Appointment

Hajj Pilgrims can get 2nd Dose of Vaccine Without Prior Appointment

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has said that those who have been issued Hajj permits should go to a nearby vaccination center at the first opportunity to get the 2nd dose of vaccine.

The ministry said that a second dose of the vaccine should be taken within 48 hours of receiving the permit. They do not need to take time in advance. Due to Coronavirus, only a limited number of citizens and foreigners are being allowed to perform Hajj this year.

For Hajj, the applicant must have taken one or both doses of the Corona vaccine. It should also be visible on the Tawaklana app. The age limit for pilgrims is 18 to 65 years.

Book Time Through Sehhaty App if you don’t get a message for 2nd dose of vaccine

While talking about the second dose, the spokesperson said, “The Second dose as of now is only for 50+. If anyone from this age group hasn’t received the message, they should book time through health app.

No Causalities from 2nd dose of Vaccine:

The Saudi Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali, said: “No one has been confirmed dead in Saudi Arabia after full vaccine.

Addressing a weekly press conference on behalf of the Ministry of Health, the spokesperson said, “Instead of focusing on rumors regarding the corona vaccine, turn to credible sources so that they can know the truth. The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised Saudi Arabia for its response to the Corona epidemic, which we are proud of.”

No Side Effect of Vaccine on Seasonal Vaccines:

Regarding seasonal vaccinations, the health spokesman said: “The corona vaccine does not affect seasonal vaccines in any way. It means that those who intend to perform Hajj this year. They can get a seasonal influenza vaccine which is given during Hajj.

2nd Dose of Vaccine for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can also take a second dose of Corona,” he said. After that, there is no problem in getting vaccinated by another company besides the first one.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health added that “at present, more than 17.2 million corona vaccines have been administered in the country while 587 vaccination centers are functioning in the country”.

Vaccine for 12 to 18 Years old

The Saudi Ministry of Health says a new phase of vaccination is being launched in the kingdom, including 12- to 18-year-olds. The Saudi news agency SPA quoted the Ministry of Health as saying that the Food and Drug Authority had approved the Pfizer biotic vaccine for 12- to 18-year-olds.
Before the vaccine was approved, vaccines were tested for this age group, which were ultimately successful. In addition, experiments have shown that the vaccine is also helpful for this age group. Ministry of Health further said that the age for the Second dose would be determined in a phased manner because of the vaccine’s arrival.

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