Things to know for Expats in Saudia

Government Departments that Expats in Saudia needs to know.

There are few things and government departments of Saudi Arabia that Expats in Saudia should know if they want to come on a work visa or visit visa.

Things for Expats in Saudia to know:

Here are few things which might help Expats in Saudia to know more about saudia.


Saudi Arabia is the origin and focus of Islam. Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia, the only religion allowed to its residents and the one, in particular, that might be praised openly.

While outsiders are conceded to religion, no strict practices other than Islam are permitted, and converting is unlawful.


The formal language of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Arabic. Notwithstanding, English is a significant language and is broadly communicated as a second language among Saudis and Expats in Saudia


Saudi Arabia is a famous country for a large number of “EXPATS.” According to a survey, “Expats in Saudia” are doing almost 67% of jobs in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, There are approximate, 10.74 million expat workers working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes 23% Syrian, 14% Indians, 10% Pakistani, 10% Egyptian, 9% Yemeni as top contributors.


The main explanation numerous expats consider moving to Saudi Arabia is the monetary possibilities. Pay rates are tax-exempt; that is an enormous motivating force considering in multiple nations. You can hope to pay charges worth up to 40-half of your income. Investment funds will be simpler as the pay rates are higher here than in many world parts.

Besides all these facilities, you should keep in mind that Saudi Arabia has strict rules and policies. We think it is necessary for Expats in Saudia to know about the policies and relevant departments before departing to KSA.

Important Departments and their scope of affairs:

Many different departments are important, and Expats in Saudia should know about their work and their scope of affairs related to foreign workers. Below we have discussed some important departments which an expat should know while living in KSA.

Saudi Jawazat:

Jawazat KSA is one of the important offices in the Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia (MOI). It is also called the General Directorate of Passports (GDP), liable for controlling migration converges, Saudi resident international IDs, and expats Iqama visa (Issuing New Iqama, Iqama Renewal, Exit re-emergence, Final Exit).

Jawazat Logo

Services of Saudi Jawazat:

Here are some of the services which Jawazat offer to expats

  • Issue of Iqama
  • Renewal of Iqama
  • Exit Visa
  • Exit Re-Entry Visa

Ministry of Health (MOH):

The Ministry of Health, also known as MOH, is the service answerable for Saudi Arabia residents’ strength. However, The current pastor is Dr. Tawfig AlRabiah and has held the situation since May 2016. Moreover, This is among the front warriors who fought hard against Covid 19 in Saudi Arabia.

However, At MOH, The Minister’s duties are to oversee medical care for the residents of Saudi Arabia. This includes the methodology for general health services in the nation while likewise managing essential wellbeing framework.

Any outsider who goes to the nation needs to confront the Ministry of Health at the air terminal or boundary checkpoint. During the Hajj season, the faculty of this association is present at all the air terminals. When the travelers get off the plane at the air terminal, the authorities of this establishment survey their clinical report.

You can access the Ministry of Health website here, “MOH.”

Ministry of Health

Services of Ministry of Health:

Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, offers the accompanying Services: 

1- E-Services

2- Mauwid (Services)

3- Self Assessment Services

4- Enquire about health services.

5- Transaction Inquiry Services.

Jamarak (Saudi Custom):

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Customs department is also known as “JAMARAK.” Customs is a position or office in a nation liable for gathering taxes and controlling products’ progression, including creatures, transports, belongings, and perilous things, into and out of a country.

This organization is known as the Customs Department. It is the second most significant organization at air terminals, land and ocean line checkpoints after the Department of Licensing to examine traveler gears.

Traditionally, customs have been considered the monetary subject that charges customs obligations (for example, taxes) and other import and fare expenses. In the late many years, the perspectives on customs elements have extensively extended. However, They now cover three essential issues: tax collection, security, and exchange facilitation. 

Every nation has its laws and guidelines for the import and fare of products into and out of a country, implemented by their traditional specialists. The import fare of certain merchandise might be confined or illegal entirely. Moreover, A wide scope of punishments is looked at by the individuals who overstep these laws.

You can access the Custom department website here, “Saudi Custom.”

Services of Saudi Customs:

Saudi Custom Department or JAMARAK offers following Services: 

1- Inspection of Import and Export.

2- Inspection of goods carrying by the travelers at Airports, sea and land borders.

3- Producing tax on the relevant amount of goods coming through ports, air, and land borders

4- Providing a detailed sheet about the items coming to Saudi Arabia. 

5- Filing an official report about the non-custom paid items in Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is an administration service in Saudi Arabia set up in 2020, after condensing the Ministry of Labor and Social Development with the Ministry of Civil Service.

It is liable for furnishing the network with improvement, backing, and security. The Ministry is likewise accountable for work issues and their related issues and arrangements. Moreover, The current Minister is Ahmed al-Rajhi, who was delegated in June 2018 

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Organizing the work market through the work rules and guidelines, arranging the HR and creating it, notwithstanding, the settlement of work questions in the private area.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development Provides head systems to accomplish an effective and prosperous work market and coordinated enrollment of Foreign Worker. However, The Ministry is mindful to Manage primary anomalies among public and unfamiliar specialists.

However, You can access the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Departments website here “MOHRASD.”

Services of MOHRASD:

To be exact Saudi Ministry of Health offers the accompanying Services: 

1- Providing Labor Reforms and update them according to the era needs.

2- Providing non-differentiation between workers concerning sex, age, the exhibition of work, pay rates for a similar occupation position among people; 

3- Providing consistency with the worker’s medical health rules and security guideline in the working environment; 

4- Giving satisfactory petition rooms separate to people on the base of gender

5- Giving workplaces and seats to all the representatives working in the working environment

6- Setting up a guideline for work outfit prerequisites that don’t struggle with Sharia’s arrangements. 

7- Giving safety officers at the work environment’s primary doorways to guarantee the representatives’ security.

Labor Court of Saudi Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia, the Labor Court is a court that bargains in the main example with debates among bosses and workers and questions regarding federal retirement aide. Moreover, there is a Labor Court in each Judicial Arrondissement of Saudi Arabia.

However, It’s a different department that couldn’t be a division of the Court of First Instance. Under Article 34 of the Law of Civil Procedures, work courts are capable of hearing cases identified with the work law.

For example, questions concerning work contracts, salaries, equities, and work wounds and pay; debates concerning the business’ inconvenience of disciplinary authorizations on representatives; claims petitioned for forcing work law endorses; and questions emerging from applying the work law and the social protection law.

The Justice Ministry of Saudi Arabia said that it has a good vision toward work courts, targeting accomplishing greatness, decreasing the prosecution’s length, accomplishing coordinated advanced handling, and carrying more confirmation and allure to the work market in Saudi Arabia by maintaining equity in the business area.


Saudi Labor Courts offers the following Services: 

  • Firstly, Workers, expat, or the can file a documented case against each other with the capable work offices
  • Secondly, On the off chance that there is no settlement inside 21 days, the work office will report the status of the debate electronically to the work court for taking required legal methods.
  • Thirdly, In case of an inability of a settlement, the advisory group will pronounce its choice within ten days
  • Finally, Labor Court will be able to solve the issue in the required period according to the Islamic Law

Saudi Police Department:

The Saudi Police department is the most disciplined department in Saudi Arabia. There is no corruption in it and they are ready to serve their country while performing their duties for their country. However, There are many services which are performed by the Police department. Here are a few of these services

  • Firstly, Saudi Police will help you in filing disappearance cases.
  • Secondly, Saudi Police will help you in Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment cases.
  • Thirdly, The common police and the interior security police are approved to capture and confine people.
  • Finally, Police will be able to deport a person from the Kingdom if they found any HUROOB status against him.

Civil Department:

Civil guards in Saudi Arabia, as the common safeguard framework knows it is a bunch of measures and activities vital for securing the residents, public and private properties from fire dangers, fiascos, wars, and various mishaps. In addition to aiding crushed individuals, giving the wellbeing of transportations, interchanges, and the best getting sorted out in free utilities notwithstanding the assurance of public abundance during the hours of the war, harmony, and crisis circumstances.

The execution of the arrangements and rules of the common safeguard framework with respect to crafted by a common guard in the urban areas and towns, and which intends to ensure the lives and properties of the populace and the wellsprings of public abundance in harmony, calamity, crisis, and war circumstance

Services of Civil Department

1) Providing help to the influenced individuals in crisis circumstances. 

2) Training the volunteers to complete the demonstrations of common safeguard. 

3) Organizing the standards and the methods for mechanical wellbeing and security. 

4) Fire battling, fire quencher, salvage, and emergency vehicle. 

5) Establishing working rooms, places for the common guard, and recognizing the havens’ essential details and oversights to secure the populace. 

6) Creating and setting up the common safeguard developments of various majors and handling it with the vital gear and means. 

7) Storage of different materials and gear important to support life in war crises and tragic circumstances. 

8) The arrangement and execution of the important activities that intend to accomplish wellbeing and evade fiascos and eliminate its belongings notwithstanding giving money appropriation. 

9) Use the media to accomplish the targets of common safeguard. 

10) Implementation of the designs for clearing and convenience in crisis cases.

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