How to be more productive with Google Keep

Google Keep – 7 Most Exciting Ways to get the best out of it

Google Keep not only helps you organize your thoughts, but it also makes them available anytime and anywhere. Additionally, an easy-to-use Google keep user interface allows you to place labels, colors, and collaborators on any note so that everything keeps neat and tidy. Still, if you have the question “How to be Productive with Google Keep” in mind then this article will help you answer it.

With Google Keep, you can add a collaborator, allowing them to edit your note. This feature is excellent if you are working on a group project and need to gather responses from several people in one place, like during a meeting where someone takes meeting minutes.

Furthermore, Google Keep is the ideal app for keeping all your notes, lists, and other essential details right at your fingertips. Additionally, with various features to help you stay organized; Keep ensuring that everything you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.

In this guide, we’ll show you How to be Productive with Google Keep so you can make the most of your notes.

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How to be Productive with Google Keep

In this article, you’re going to learn all about Google Keep, including:

1 – Capture a thought

Google Keep can easily capture a thought. Create a to-do list, add a voice note or take an image & then annotate it. Anything added is available on all your devices – desktop and mobile, over a single click.

2 – Adding a Background Design in Google Keep

The feature of background design changing is only available on Google Keep on the web and in the app. You can add a plain color or choose from the app’s various designs. Moreover, you can select from a variety of designs, including:

  •       Groceries, Notes, Recipes
  •       Notes, Recipes
  •       Celebration of Travel Video

3 – Organizing reminders

Set reminders to remind you of the due date/time so you can finish your note within a certain amount of time. This function assists you in staying on top of crucial chores. Additionally, Google Keep has two different sorts of reminders:

  •       Reminders of the time and date
  •       Reminders about where to go

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4 – Boost Your Searching Ability with Google Keep

You can quickly filter notes by clicking the search bar when you need to find one. As fast you tap, you’ll see the many search choices available. You can select from the following options:

  •       Reminders, Lists, Images
  •       Book, Food, Movies

5 – Labelling your notes

Adding Labels helps you to stay organized. Labels are similar to tags in that they allow you to categorize your notes. Additionally, this feature comes when you need to locate a note. You can group Identical-label notes in the same classification.

If you could have two notes where both contain data about cars, for example, you could give each one a Car label. Then you could do a search for any and all notes with the Car label, and then both notes would come up in the results.

6 – Notes on Pins

If you have recurring chores or notes that you wish to see frequently, you can do this by pinning them to the top of the page. When you return, the notes will be at the top on Google Keep

On the desktop, you can pin a note by hovering over it and seeing a small pin choice on the top right corner, which you may click to move the note to the top

7 – Without Folders, Organize Your Notes

Labels allow you to organize your notes in a more detailed way. They function similarly to hashtags.

Moreover, Labels should be carefully considered because they can quickly become an ungainly tangle. Simply write #label-name, and Keep will ask you either to apply or create a label if one does not already exist.

Frequently asked Questions

1 – How do I get the most out of Google Keep?

The following are the most essential Google Keep tips on How to be Productive with Google Keep

  • Label the Notes
  • Add Colors
  • Set Notifications
  • Reminders must be located.
  • Notes are being archived.
  • Images can be added to notes.

2 – Is Google Keep going to be phased out?

The Google Keep Chrome app’s support ceased in early 2021. Chrome apps have been migrated to the web. Moreover, Keep is no longer accessible from the Chrome OS lock screen.

3 – Is Google Keep able to alphabetize?

At the moment, Keep does not allow you to organize or alphabetize your notes.

Final words

In short, learn to organize your busy world with Google Keep. Use these easy tips and tricks to stay on top of to-do lists, save ideas, create collaborative lists, add reminders, and more. Create notes, add photos and images, format text, tighten up lists, and edit note’s labels and other properties even after you’ve created them.

In addition, Share or collaborate by assigning or tagging different people in your Keep notes or creating shared folders — all in one place. Save your clippings in Keep, where they are easily accessible across all of your devices (Android and iOS).

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