Conditional Entry Of Gcc Citizens In Kuwait, Including Saudis

Conditional Entry Of GCC Countries In Kuwait, Including Saudis

Kuwait has lifted travel bans on citizens of GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia, and allowed them to come conditionally. According to the Kuwaiti magazine Al-Qabas, Kuwait has decided to open its land and sea borders to passengers receiving two doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

What Are The Conditions For GCC Citizens To Enter Kuwait?

Kuwaiti authorities have set conditions for residents of GCC countries, including Saudi Arabia. 

  • GCC citizens will have to submit a negative report of the PCR test taken 72 hours before arriving in Kuwait.
  • Travelers also have to submit a Vaccine Report (Kuwait Traveler) or certified written report from approved centers of foreign agencies.

The Kuwaiti authorities had previously banned Saudi citizen’s entry except those who have a Kuwaiti blood relative and received two doses of the vaccine.

It was also mandatory that a Saudi citizen would keep in Hotel Quarantine on arrival in Kuwait.

KUWAITI Government Lifted the Travels Ban

Now that the KUWAITI government lifted the travels ban, PCR report, vaccine report, and registration on the Kuwait passenger platform have declare necessary.

It is noticeable that 3.66 million Saudi citizens arrived in Kuwait in 2019 by land, sea, and air. The rate of Saudis arriving in Kuwait by the wrong route was recorded at 94% (3.44 million). 

According to figures released by the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry, 185,000 Bahrainis arrived in Kuwait via Saudi Arabia. Eighty-eight percent of GCC migrants to Kuwait were Saudis. The percentage of GCC nationals coming to Kuwait via Saudi Arabia was also 88%. 

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