Final Exit Visa

How to Get Final Exit Visa with Iqama Expired

The Ministry of Passports has introduced a legal process for final exit visas after the expiry date of IQAMA passed. Jawazat introduced an online platform for getting the final exit visa after IQAMA expiry without visiting the nearest Jawazat center.

Besides this, only sponsors or Kafeel can use this online process on ABSHER because it’s a paid service, and Sponsors pay a large sum of amount throughout the year for this platform.

However, According to “Jawazat,” the Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia, will do all the procedural activities on the legal ground if you apply for a final exit visa after 30 days expiry of IQAMA. You can check the visa Validity using your Absher login. You can also use Absher Login to check the Iqama expiry date to make sure it is expired or not.

In this process of Final exit visa, you will not need any “Kafeel” or sponsor who allows you for applying final exit visa application.

Get Final exit Visa with expired Iqama Using Ministry of Labor office:

According to Jawazat, if the sponsor is not responding and the final exit visa application submitted after 30 days expiry of IQAMA, then the Ministry of Labor will solve your legal issue. To get the last visit visa from the Ministry of Labor, follow the below process. 

  1. “EXPAT” has to visit the nearest Ministry of Labor (MOL) office in-office hours.
  2. That Expat should have the documented work contract and work permit to get a final visit visa.
  3. He has to submit his old IQAMA, passport, and work permit to MOL.
  4. Also, that expat have to pay the fine for the renewal of expired IQAMA (fees including Maktab-e-AMAL)
  5. He will get the new IQAMA in under 12 days. After that, he can get the final visit visa easily
  6. In the end, he has to visit the nearest Jawazat center to check the issuance of the final visit visa by the Ministry

Get Final Exit Visa by Kafeel:

In this method, “EXPAT” will not face any difficulty because all the mandatory work will be done by his Kafeel(Sponsor) with an online system

  • His Kafeel will log in into his “Absher Business” and issue an application for IQAMA
  • He will pay IQAMA and overstaying fees (“EXPAT” will give this fee)
  • That Kafeel will get your renewed IQAMA
  • After the IQAMA issue, Kafeel will apply your final exit visa application

How to get Final Exit Visa without renewing Iqama:

Give up to security authorities is the best way to get exit without iqama. The authorities can keep the “EXPAT” in prison for a short or long period depending on the legal investigation. The confinement will rely upon legal study results, which can be a week or a year.

In this way, it is a very risky decision. The authorities will cross-examine completely about the explanation behind not having iqama. They can likewise check for any criminal record and movement.

But if the KSA police got any criminal record or illegal action, then “EXPAT” can be sent to jail for years. Besides, section to KSA is additionally prohibited for a base time of 3 years.

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  1. Hi Salam Walekum I’m from PakistanI come from saudi arabia2017 June my aqima expair 3 year I Com from jail after how many year I Come back in Saudi Arabia. .my aqima nomber 2191929492…