Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia. A Complete Step by Step Guide

Saudi Arabia is home to many Expats. They came here from all over the world, and many of them are willing to9 bring their family on Family Visit Visa, and for that, there is a complete procedure in place. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, or any other country; you have to adhere to all the rules and regulations.
This article will make sure all of your ambiguities regarding visit visas are clear regarding Family visit visa in Saudi Arabia.

Types of Family Visit Visa:

Saudi Arabia keeps changing rules regarding visas, and thus right now, there usually are two types of Family Visit Visa that are available in Saudi Arabia. 

  • 3 Months Single Entry Family Visit Visa
  • 1-year Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa.

The difference between them is evident in their names. 1-year Visit Visa has a validity of 1 year, and you will have to visit your home country at least once, whereas a single entry visit visa will let you in once, and you will have to renew it after every three months.

Fee for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

A few years ago, there were different fees for each type of visa and each nationality. However, the Saudi Government has changed that. Now the Fee is Fixed at 300 Riyal for every kind and every ethnicity. You have to pay this amount once only.

Eligible Relationships for Family Visit Visa

Now since you know what type of visas are available and what their respective fees are. Now the question is whom you can invite on a visit visa in Saudi Arabia. The list of Eligible Relations include,

  • Father
  • Mother 
  • Father in Law
  • Mother in Law
  • Your Wife
  • Your Children

These are the only Relations for which you can get Visit Visa. We are not Sure about Sister; therefore, we are not adding that to this list, but you can check with Jawazat or Chamber of Commerce to see if they offer Family Visit Visa for Sister. Also, don’t forget to check the eligibility of your iqama profession. We have compiled a list of all eligible professions. You can also Change iqama profession if you want.

Requirements for applying for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Although there are not many requirements that one should have to follow, there are three major requirements that you have to meet before applying for the Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia. These Requirements are:

  • Valid Iqama: Your Iqama should be valid, and if you are not sure about the Iqama Expiry date, we got you covered in this post. 
  • Your Profession on Iqama should be acceptable. We have compiled a list of all eligible professions, so head over to that list and see if your domain is there or not. If not, then you won’t be allowed to bring the family on Visit Visa.
  • Chamber Fee: You have to pay 35 Riyal Chamber Fee.

These are the requirement of Saudia for this type of Visa. The necessity of your home country may vary from these. There are separate requirements for a Tourist visa. You can look out for them on this official link of Saudia Airline

How to Apply for it in Saudi Arabia:

The Procedure is Simple. 

  • Head over to the Ministry of the foreign affairs website.
  • Fill in the required details.
  • Apply and take a printout of the form that you will get after submission of the application
  • Remember the application number for future references.
  • Get the Print attested by the Chamber of commerce. You can certify it online. Just ask your sponsor for assistance.
  • After that, it may take 24 hours. In some cases, up to 3 to 7 business days for a visa to be issued. Just keep patience. 
  • Once the visa is approved, take a print out of that visa and send it to your home country for further proceedings.


For Stamping, it is recommended to hire a local agent that will take care of your proceedings. Provide him with following

  • Visa Number
  • Original passport of all those who are traveling
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • 4 Photographs in Passport size
  • Visa and insurance fee.

Final thoughts

This is the whole procedure. Your Country fellows will stamp your visa, and your passport will be ready in no time. I hope you find it useful therefore I will appreciate it if you can share it with your friends and family member. If I missed anything, comment down, and I will add that up in the article.

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