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Facilities for the Pilgrims in Prophet Mosque during Ramadan 2021

The administration of the Prophet Mosque has intensified arrangements for the reception of pilgrims in Ramadan. According to the local Saudi news agency, all relevant health agencies make special arrangements to ensure visitors’ health and safety to the Prophet’s Mosque.

Because of the Corona epidemic, the standard of epidemic prevention and health is on the rise in Prophet Mosque. Special arrangements are also in place in the whole vicinity and its subordinate buildings. Similar steps are also in place in Grand Mosque Makkah. Makkah is also ready to welcome vaccinated Pilgrims during Ramadan 2021.

Social Distancing

At least 6 feet distance from one worshipper to another in the mosque is compulsory. Wearing gloves and masks are mandatory for everyone. Moreover, there is no relaxation if someone is in the mosque without wearing a mask and gloves.

ZamZam Water Distribution

The administration of the Prophet Mosque informed that the arrangements had been made to distribute the Zamzam water among the worshipers and pilgrims during Ramadan. However, Almost a Hundred thousand (100,000) bottles of Zamzam water will be available daily. 

Sanitizing of Carpets

450 carpets are in place inside the old building of the Prophet Mosque. Sanitation of carpets and sanitation from one prayer to another and from one pilgrimage to another will be done on an emergency basis.

Vaccination Status of Pilgrims

According to the schedule, only those pilgrims who have either taken both doses of the corona vaccine or have passed 14 days on the first dose or who have recovered from the coronavirus will be able to offer prayers and visit the holy shrine from the first of Ramadan. Moreover, Everyone’s status will be checked through the Tawakkalna app.

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Iftar During Ramadan 2021

The administration of the Prophet Mosque has prepared a particular procedure for breaking the fast during Ramadan. Iftar will be held individually this year, and there will be no buffet system this year. Iftar will only be limited to dates and water. Relevant institutions will arrange the Iftar meal box for the pilgrims and worshipers.

Distribution of food in Suhoor

Distribution of Sehri among the pilgrims and worshipers during Ramadan will be prohibited in any part of the prophet mosque. There will be no Itikaf in the last decade. Prayers will be held in the new courtyards of the prophet mosque. There will be no caravan of worshipers in the new courtyards for the safety of worshipers and pilgrims due to the scorching sun during the day.

Taraweeh and Tahajjud

Worshipers are going to perform (10 + 3) Rakats of Taraweeh and Tahajjud. These are changes from the usual number of Rakats (20 + 3).

Childern Under 15

Visitors and worshipers will be allowed to come and go in an orderly manner in the courtyards and corridors of the Prophet’s Mosque. Children under the age of 15 will not be allowed.

Use of Mouqif App for Parking

When leaving the parking lot of Masjid Nabavi, pilgrims and worshipers have to use the “Mouqif App.’

Sanitizing of Whole Mosque

The management of Prophet Mosque has arranged intelligent robots for sanitizing. This will not affect the health and safety of the visitors. The technical staff will control the intelligent robot, which will complete the sanitization process promptly.

We Wish you a safe Ramadan in Prophet’s Mosque.

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