Expats get an Automatic Extension of Iqama and Visa

Extension of Iqama and Visa of foreigners residing abroad

On the direction of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Passport Department has once again started the automatic extension of Iqama, visit, and exit visas of foreigners residing abroad.

According to the Saudi news agency SPA, the extension is a automated until July 31, 2021, without any fees. According to the decision, the finance minister has issued instructions to implement the royal decree of extension. The Saudi government is extending residency and visas as part of a government policy to address the Coronavirus problem.

The Saudi government is working to ensure that the health and safety of locals. Also foreigners are protected and that measures are taken to minimize financial and economic losses.

The passport department has said that the extension of residence and visas is going to be a automated system. This is with the collaboration with the National Information Center. No one will have to approach the offices.

“Automatic extension of Iqama and visa is for those whose entry is ban to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and will be until July 31, 2021.”

Earlier, the residency, visit visas, and departure promises of persons residing in the 20 ban countries got an extension till June 2.

Detailed Benefits of extension of Iqama

Because of the current situation of the Coronavirus, the House of Representatives has once again issued orders to extend the period of stay, departure, and visit visas till July 31, 2021, to facilitate the migrants.

The Passport Department ‘Licensing’ has set out the procedure for immediate extension, outlining the key points under which immigrants can benefit from the recent royal concessions, which fall into the following categories.

Detail of Royal Concession:

Below is the detailed overview of the Royal Decree

Who gets the Extension:

  1. The third point in the three-point strategy issued by the licenses clearly states the following.
    1. ‘The royal concession will benefit the citizens of the 20 countries. These countries are from which the arrival of passengers is ban from February 2, 2021.
  2. The first point of the action plan issued regarding the new orders states that the immigrants from the countries from which the travelers have been temporarily banned from entering the country should abide by the royal orders during their stay and departure period on July 31, 2021. It is going to get extension for free. 
  3. Under this decree, there are going to be eligible visa holders whose visas is expire because of this bang . Their visit visas is also going to get extension. 

When it will begin:

  1. After the royal decree, the licensing is already begin. It will be a phased process on the program of extending the period of stay, exit, and visit visas till July 31 under the care system itself. 
  2. With the collaboration of Licenses and the National Database Center, the stay and departure period is going to get automatic extension without the need to refer to Licenses. 
  3. According to the third point, those whose stay and departure period is expire before February 2 are going to get exemption. It is indeed a good news for many.
  4. Individuals whose departure or return period was after February 2 can benefit from this discount. 
  5. On May 24, 2021, orders were issued to extend the stay and departure of citizens of 20 countries, including Pakistan, till June 2, which led to a temporary ban on the arrival of passengers due to the Coronavirus.
  6. Those on work visas will benefit the most from the royal concession as the current extension will be free. It will not include accommodation, exit pledges, and labor office fees, as well as.

Benefits of this extension of Iqama:

10. It will directly benefit the companies, and this concession is likely to reduce the financial burden on companies and institutions. 

11. As far as families are concerned, they will only benefit from the exit fee.

When the residence of the head of the household is renewed, the family’s place is also renewed. Lets Say, two family members have gone home. After the travel ban, their departure has expired in March, then they will get a free extension of 5 months. This means 500 riyals per person, 1000 riyals per person under this new royal concession. 

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