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2022: How to Extend Visit visa if Absher and Tawasul is NOT WORKING

QUICK UPDATE 20 April 2022: There is a word that Jawazat is not extending the Visa Via Absher. If you are unable to Extend Visit Visa using Absher then head over to Jawazat Offic in Dammam or Madina or in any major city and give them following Documents

  • Jawazat Form (You can get this from any office located outside Jawazat)
  • Sponsor Iqama Copy
  • Tawasul Request Copy
  • Copy of Absher Error
  • Copy of Visa
  • Passport of Visa Holder
  • Insurance Copy
  • MOI Fee Deposit Proof

This should Work for you if Tawasul Service is Unable to Solve your issue.

SAUDI ARABIA provides many types of tourists and visit visas depending upon the purpose of the applicant. A family extend visit visa is perhaps the most requesting visit visa all over the Globe, especially in KSA. However, Almost millions of expats live in KSA, and mostly every family wants to meet their loved ones; that’s why a Family visit visa is the most demanding visit visa of KSA. Relatives can meet their friends and family once they get the family visit visa. Family visit visa is also called Ministry of foreign Affairs Family Visit Visa (MOFA FAMILY VISIT VISA).

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The process to apply for the family visit visa 2022 is mentioned in the previous article. However, this article will cover “How an Expat can apply for the extension of family visit visa in 2022”.

Types Of Family Visit Visas:

Almost every expat in Saudi Arabia wants to extend their family visit visa to spend a long and efficient time with their loved ones. However, The extension of a family visit visa mainly depends upon the visa type and visa validity.


Furthermore, The above details show that whatever your visa type is, it can only get extended for 180 days, equal to 6 months.

If your visa type is Single entry, you can extend your visa for further executive five months whereas, if your visa type is MULTIPLE ENTRY, you can extend it for additional 90 days, which will eventually become 180 days.

The procedure to extend a visa is much simpler than to apply for a visa application. It can get done online as well as physically. We briefly discussed both processes below.

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Extend Family Visit Visa Online:

You can extend visit visa using Ministry of Interior online “ABSHER” website. However, the process is simple, but you have to apply for a family visit visa extension before ten days of visa expiry.

Pay A Fee Of 100 Sar:

To pay the family visit visa fees online, you have to follow the below procedure carefully.

1– Firstly, login to your desired bank account or SADAD services on the phone application

2– Secondly, click on the three dashes on the top right side of the application and select payment.

3– Click on “Biller“, then write “Allien control” or select it from Biller

4– Click on “Services” then write “EXPATRIATES SERVICE” or select it from Services.

5– After selecting the expatriate’s services, select further “Extend Family visitor visa” and put your “BORDER NUMBER” or “PASSPORT NUMBER” and continue.

6– After selecting the required service, you have to click on “PAYMENT” to pay the fees

7– Finally, pay the fees for the family visit visa extension and follow the below procedure.

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Apply For Extension Of Family Visit Visa On Absher:

(1)– First of all, open the official website of MOI (Ministry of Interior) “ABSHER.”

                Here: “ABSHER PORTAL

(2)– After opening the website, you will choose the type of person from two choices “INDIVIDUAL” if you are just a single specific person or “BUSINESS” if you are a company.

(3)– After choosing the person type, you can change language to your preferred language by using the in-built google feature.

Log in to Absher

(4)– After choosing the language, click on log in to open your existing account.

(5)– After clicking on the Login button, you will need to put your username in English and the password carefully

(6)– After that, put the image captcha code carefully and then click on proceed.

(7)– When you click on proceed, a verification code will be sent to your Absher registered phone number. Just put the code and log in to your account to use a lot of services.

(8)- After login into your account, click on the “Dashboard” to see all the services Absher provides.

Absher E-Services

(9)- After clicking on “Dashboard”, you will see your account information and some Absher services. However there, you will see an “E-Services” button. Click on that button.

(10)- When you will click on “E-Services”, a tab will be opened in which you have to select the “PASSPORT “.

(11)- Once you click on Passport, a drop-down menu will appear. In this drop-down menu, you have to select “EXTEND FAMILY VISIT VISA.

Apply For Extension Of Family Visit Visa On Absher:
Apply For Extension Of Family Visit Visa On Absher:

(12)- After clicking on the “EXEND FAMILY VISIT VISA”, you have to further select “CONFIRM EXTEND FAMILY VISIT VISA“.

If you have already paid the fees through your required bank account, your request for an extension of family visit visa can get extended immediately, but if you didn’t have paid the fees, your request for an extension of family visit visa would get rejected until you pay an outlay of 100 SAR.

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Extend Family Visit Visa At Jawazat Office:

However, the first process is easy and efficient, but if someone wants to do this process physically by himself, he has to follow the procedure below.

(1)- First of all, pay a fee of 100 SAR through your bank account against the required border number or passport number using the above procedure.

(2)- Visit the nearest Jawazat office. If the visitors are from DAMAMM and KHOBAR citizens, they have to get an online token to visit the Jawazar office for the required service. By clicking on the below link, you can visit the ticket website and get your token online.

QUICK UPDATE: This Method is Working as of 20 April, 2022. You need to take Few above mentioned documents and check with these above offices.

     Here: “ONLINE TOKEN”

(3)- After visiting the Jawazat office, you have to submit some required documents at the relevant counter, which get mentioned below.

        (a)- Applicants Passport (Original and Copy)

        (b)- Applicants Visit Visa (Original and Copy)

        (c)- Sponsors IQAMA or Residency card (Original and Copy)

        (d)- Applicants Passport-sized Photos (2-4 photographs)

        (e)- Completed filled Passport Form

        (f)- Fees Submission Slip (Copy of Original Receipt)

        (g)- Online token (If the applicant is a citizen of DAMAMM and KHOBER)

Once you have done all the above steps, your extended family visit visa will be given to you, or you will get notified that your visit visa extension is issued.

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  1. Sir
    I am Indian and came to saudi in multiple entry visit visa my visa already extended for 6 months. Without exit from ksa can I extend my visa for another 3 months through absher? Or I have to exit for extension. Please reply as soon as possible 🙏

  2. Thank you for brief explanation, I have extended multiple entry 1 time so my family was in Saudi Arabia for 180 days and they exited and re-entered Saudi Arabia. Can I extend the visa after 90 days so they can stay until visa expired?

    Jazak Allah Al Khair

  3. What is the process now. I heard that you must exit and re enter for multiple visit visa even after first 90 days. I heard that it can not be renewed from Absher and Jawazat, my family must exit and re enter. Is it true ? Please guide