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How to Issue Exit Re entry Visa by yourself using Absher

Exit Re-Entry Visa is a claim to fame of Saudi Arabian Immigration Rules. With new Labor Laws in place, You can issue an Exit re entry visa using the Absher platform. The previous method is also available in our Article regarding Exit Re Entry Visa

You need to apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa inside Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has rigorous movement principles for outsiders; fines and punishments disregard the standards. 

Things are quite changes after the implementation of new Labor Law reforms in march 2021. Here we will discuss in detail how to issue an Exit Re entry Visa for yourself using your Absher Account.

New Process for Exit Re Entry Via Absher

Authorities has begun the experimental process for foreign workers residing in the country to obtain an exit-entry or exit visa (exit-entry or final exit visa) from the ‘ABSHER’ system.

Earlier, the worker’s exit visa could only be issued by the employer, and the worker was not authorized to do so. This facility is being provided for the first time since the implementation of the new labor law.

According to the web news ‘Akhbar 24’, “The Passport Department, Licensing Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower, has announced an experimental phase for issuing final or re-entry visas for foreign workers.”

How to Apply for Exit Re Entry Visa Via Absher

(1)– First of all, open the official website of MOI (Ministry of Interior) “ABSHER.”

                Here: “ABSHER PORTAL

(1)– Login to your Account.

(2)- After log in to your account, click on the “Dashboard” to see all the services Absher provides.

(3)- After clicking on “Dashboard,” you will see your account information and some services provided by the Ministry of Interior. Here, you will see an “MY SERVICES” button; click on that button.

(4)- A tab will open up in which you have to select the “PASSPORTS” option further.

(5)- On new page, select “Visa Requests” to start the applying process.

(6)- In the first step, you will see the main page. You have to click on the “CREATE VISA APPLICATION” to apply for a new application below the main page.

(7)- Click on Create “CREATE VISA APPLICATION”. Choose Visa type ( Exit Re Entry Visa) on next page.

(8)- Provide the number of days for which you want to leave Saudi Arabia. After adding the detail, click on the check box to agree with the terms and conditions. 

(9)- On the next page, Confirm your details. After this wait for 10 days for them to process your application.

What to do when you don’t get a response in ten working days?

First thing is worker needs to wait for 10 days after uploading the application for issuance of his final or exit re-entry visa in the system.

On 11th day, if there is no objection by other party, worker will get the Visa.

In case of non-issuance of a visa within these five days, the system will automatically lock the application.

If within 10 days there is a dispute by the sponsor of worker then the case will reach the Ministry of Manpower. There they will thoroughly review the application.

The Ministry of Manpower is authorize to take action on the case within ten days from the date of submission of the application and not from the date of filing of the objection by the sponsor.

Five things to keep in mind while applying for Exit Re Entry Visa Via Absher

Here are the Fiver things that one has to keep in mind while applying for Exit re entry Visa Absher platform

(1)- The status of the sponsor or worker should not be ‘deceased,’ ‘missing,’ or ‘violating the recruitment.’

(2)- Before submitting the visa application in the system, it should be ensured that no traffic challenge is due to the worker. 

(3)- The worker should be in the country when applying. 

(4)- The worker’s residence and passport should be valid.

(5)- The stay period of the worker should be at least three months at the time of applying as per the specific conditions laid down for the exit promise visa; the duration of the visa obtained should not exceed 30 days, the worker should pay the visa fee.

If done, the worker will sign an agreement, in which case the worker will be liable for the breach in case of non-return within the stipulated period.

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