New Labor reforms regarding Exit and Re-entry Visa announced
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New Labor reforms regarding Exit and Re entry Visa announced

Saudi Arabia is reforming its old rules and regulations. They are at a rapid pace to transform as a whole country.

These new regulations regarding the Re entry visa are also a step in the right direction.

They are looking for new ways to make their job market look attractive by enabling and strengthening the labor work environment all over the Kingdom.

The ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) took this initiative on Wednesday, November 4th.

There is a major announcement regarding Exit and Re-Entry Visa procedures, and in this post, we will discuss them in detail.

Improvement in Re Entry Cisa issuance?

The initiative allows job fluidity and improves the Exit and Re-Entry Visa issuance.

It applies to all expatriate workers in the private sector and includes specific control measures to take into account the rights of both parties of the contractual relation.

When will this take place?

According to official remarks, and the story published in the Saudi gazette, this initiative will come into effect on March 14, 2021.

Few Salient features

MHRSD stated that this initiative would improve and increase the efficiency of the work environment in Saudi Arabia and complement similar initiatives launched in this regard, For example,

  • Including the wage protection system
  • The digital documentation of work contracts
  • The labor education and awareness Initiative
  • And the launch of “Wedy” for the settlement of labor disputes.
  • Digital documentation of contractual agreement between the employee and employer
  • Consent of first Employer is not required in case of transfer

Exit and Re Entry Visa reforms

These reforms have undoubtedly some incredible features that should be loved by every expat worker. Some features are

  • Travel outside of Saudi Arabia without the employer’s approval.
  • An employee will have to submit a request, and his employer will be informed electronically about this request.
  • Alternatively, In Final Exit Visa, an Expatriate worker can leave Saudi Arabia after his contract gets finished with his employer. 
  • The employee’s consent is not necessary, as he will be informed electronically about the request for Final Exit.

Availability of these Services

Furthermore, According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, all three services will be made available to the public through the smartphone application (Absher) and (Qiwa) portal of the MHRSD.


Saudi Arabia is looking to improve its ranking on International platforms, especially on International competitiveness indicators. They are taking different measures to post Corona and they are all fruitful so far. You can read more about Saudia’s fight on this link

Therefore it is trying best to meet all these modern-day standards of the International Labor market.

Indeed With this Labor initiative, they will decrease the number of disputes between an employee and his employer.

This Labor initiative will also increase the competition in the labor market, hence attract the locals to participate, and fill the gap between local talent and Expatriates.

This Initiative is a result of the Ministry of Interior’s collective work, the National Information Center, and the support of several other government agencies. 

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