Entertainment Activities are back but with few Conditions

Entertainment Activities are back but with few Conditions

The Department of Recreation has announced the conditional resumption of recreational programs and entertainment activities in Saudi Arabia. Organizers can ask for permission to launch Recreational programs in compliance with the Department of Public Health (Prevention) to prevent the Coronavirus.

Turki Al-Sheikh, has warned that no entertainment program can be held anywhere in the country without a permit. He is The head of the entertainment department.

Prior Permission for Entertainment activities

Turki Al-Sheikh wrote on his Twitter account that “the entertainment department will not allow anyone to go beyond the limits.

According to the emergency website, no person or organization in any part of the country. Entertainment programs cannot do without permission. Also, “Anyone who commits a violation will be subject to disciplinary action.”

Moreover, Al-Sheikh said that if a company violated the rules of social statistics and licenses, it would revoke the consent of the program, and a letter would be written to the relevant authority for necessary action.

In another tweet, Turki Al-Sheikh said that the Department of Entertainment would not tolerate the organizers or their mistakes anywhere in the country. “Our department issues licenses to any organization or company that organizes entertainment programs that meet certain conditions.

Covid 19 SOPs for Entertainment Activity

According to Al Arabiya Net, the Department of Entertainment has permitted to hold entertainment programs with the following conditions:

  1. Only vaccinators will be able to participate in the programs. Tawakkalna App is going to facilitate the process. 
  2. Only 40% of the audience will be able to participate in the open-air program. 
  3. Also, Every Fan must observe the social distance, safety mask. 
  4. Program management will provide sanitizers at various locations. 
  5. Event tickets are going to sell online. 
  6. It is necessary to indicate when the spectators will come. 
  7. The administration will separate the entrances and exits for spectators. 
  8. They are going to check The temperature at all points of entry—
  9. Detection of Respiratory symptoms is going to . 
  10. However, any of the spectators are not going to enter if they show signs of high temperature.

The Department of Entertainment has also banned awareness-raising literature on the new Coronavirus to all entertainment center operators, spectators, and workers.

Also, The Department of Entertainment emphasizes that entertainment program organizers will conduct mandatory training programs for their staff on health and safety and code 19 precautions.

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