Eligible Iqama Professs

Eligible Iqama Professions for Family Visit visa

Family Visit Visa requires your Iqama profession to be eligible for applying; otherwise, your visa may get rejected.

However, for your assistance, we have compiled a list of all eligible Iqama profession in this post. We hope you will find it useful. Please remember this visa is different from the new tourist visa which Saudia has started offering lately. You can also change your Iqama profession if you want.

To know more about that, please go to this link

Finally, Let’s move into the list of Eligible Iqama Professions.

Before doing so, we will categorize all professions according to their similar nature of work so you can easily identify yours.

For your ease, we have divided all eligible professions into 30 different categories.

AccountsArchelogyBusinessInformation TechnologyMedia
Administration AssistanceCourtLabNavy

In conclusion, there is a chance that you will get your visa Approved if you are from any of these categories.

However, with recent updates in Rules and regulations, there is a chance you may get visa even if you are not from these.

Unless your Iqama profession is not a Worker or House driver, you may apply for a visa and hopefully, your request will be approved.

Procedure to apply for Family Visit Visa:

There is a complete procedure on how you can apply for your Family Visit Visa.

To illustrate, We have divided it into sections and you can visit this link to know more about the whole procedure.

Meanwhile, make sure you follow all the rules and regulations which the Saudi government may release occasionally to improve the quality of service.

However, Be aware of scams and agents who are not verified by either government.

Arriving in Saudia:

Because of covid 19, there are few restrictions for all those who are coming from any country. Therefore you should make sure your family or any member who is coming is not affected by Virus.

Take a Corona Virus test within 48 to 72 hours before you start your journey to Saudi Arabia. To know more about the guidelines, head over to this link, and select your country. It will show you what guidelines you have to follow before traveling to Saudi Arabia.

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