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Electronic ID in Saudi Arabia – Benefit, and Use in 2021

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a service, “Electronic ID,”. This is an electronic copy of the real id of the resident of KSA. The introduction of this service is in line with the initiatives that Saudi Arabia took in curbing Covid 19.

On 04-01-2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched an application named "ABSHER INDIVIDUALS." Residents of Saudi Arabia will show their ID to relevant authorities if they do not carry the hard plastic copy of ID with them. 

This application is promoted with the proverb of “Your Identity with Your Mobile.” Before it was a physical card. However, every expat in Saudia was able to check his details and check Iqama Expiry using Abshar and few other methods.

It’s the exertion of both, Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia and Civil Affairs. SADAI (Saudi Authority of Data and Artificial Intelligence) and NIC (National Information Center) also took part in the research.

Benefits of Electronic ID and its uses:

Covid 19 has changed many things including changing social norms and how we contact each other. New Digital ID aka Electronic ID is also part of that change.

  • Citizens (Residents and Expats) of Saudi Arabia don’t need to carry their residency card or IQAMA all the time.
  • You can undoubtedly show your Digital IQAMA or id through the “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL” application to facilitate this trouble.
  • Citizens (Residents and Expats) of Saudi Arabia don’t need to convey their archives, including (ID card, IQAMA, ISTIMARA, DRIVING LICENSE) constantly. They can undoubtedly get to these archives with the “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL.”
  • Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of Saudi Arabia can carry out all the transactions with the relevant sectors (Deposit and Withdraw), especially all the official transactions, by showing Digital ID through this “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL” without having an internet connection as it can also work offline.
  • Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of Saudi Arabia will be able to use this service within the Kingdom and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the field inspections and government services (Bank, Companies verification, and Security purpose)
  • Police or any other security personals can authorize and verify this “Digital Id” via a security platform names “MADIAN.”
  • They cannot only demonstrate the electronic id. Still, They can also check the crimes and violations charged under the certain electronic id. It will facilitate both Police and citizens in many ways.
  • Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of the Saudi Arabia who lost their original IQAMA or ID card due to some mishap can use this Digital ID
  • Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of Saudi Arabia can show their electronic identity via saved QR code.
It's the Civil Status Department's efforts to use this service, which will help the local citizens of KSA. Still, Expats will also be able to use these services.

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