An Introduction to Eatmarna App and its Working

On Sept. 27, 2020, an app “Eatmarna” was published on the play store and app store under the supervision of Abdulrahman Shams (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah).

Eatmarna is an application that is introduced to continue the worships, UMRAH, and visits in KSA with the spiritual and safe environment. It was introduced so Authorities can take care of all of the precautionary measurements in this chronic disease COVID-19.

The purpose of this app is to regulate the UMRAH and worships in the Holy Mosques (Grand Mosque, Prophet Sacred Chamber, Prophet Mosque) with the help of given permits in the app.

However, They make sure the permit passed are according to the available capacity planned by the Ministry of HAJJ and UMRAH healthily and safely.

Linked With Tawakkalna app:

Covid 19 is spreading all over the world, therefore to make sure every visitor that comes to the holy mosque, is Covid free, Ministry has linked the eatmarna app with the Tawakkalna app.

Although there is no chance that one will get a virus during Umrah,

Even if they get one, using Tawakkalna will help authorities arrange medical emergencies as soon as possible. 

Appointment for Umrah 2021 using Eatmarna App

With the help of the “Eatmarna” application, Ministry of Hajj and Umrah made it much easier to perform Umrah in this pandemic.

This App will allow you different “permits” to visit other places. However, When the Application was launched, there was only one permit to perform UMRAH.

However, After sometime Ministry of HAJJ and UMRAH decided to add three more passes, including the visits to different Mosques in Mecca and Medina.

The procedure to book your appointment in this App for performing a three-hour UMRAH and visiting Mosques is given below.

Procedure of Signing up on Eatmarna

Here is the ocmplete list that you have to follow

  1.  First of all, download the Application from the apple store or play store. 


2– After installing the App, open the Application and select your preferred language to continue your booking for the 2021 UMRAH

3– Now, put your IQAMA number and phone number credentials to start your account. Before start making your account, Make sure your Iqama is not expired by checking it. You can Also Check its Red and Green color Status on this post. You will not be allowed to perform Umrah if your Iqama is Expired.

Downloading Tawwakalna App

After putting in your IQAMA number, you have to put your TAWAKKALNA app credentials to log in to your account.

However, if you don’t have an account on this app, You can download the TAWAKKALNA application from the play store or App store.

1– You will receive a verification code on your given number. Now put the code in the verification tab to continue your booking.

2– Now you will have to tell your type of Application out of three types of Application

(a) KSA resident (b) (Gulf Cooperation Council) GCC resident

(c) International tourist or Pilgrim.

3- After selecting your citizen/residence type, you will see a forum on the App. Now fill in your personal information on the given forum on the App carefully.

4- However, After submitting the form, you will be asked about the purpose of your booking.

(a) UMRAH Permit, (b) Worshipper Permit.

5- After choosing your permit, you will be asked 

    Persons. ————

    Date. —————-

    Time. —————-

6- Select the number of persons, date, and time. Now, You will be asked to provide your center information for the transporting.

7- If you want a complete guide with pictures of each and every step then we have a separate post for this.

However, if you are an international tourist, you need to provide your centers information for pilgrims gathering.

This is the whole procedure. Covid 19 Pandemic has changed everything and Umrah in 2021 will not be the same as it was before 2020.

However, Saudia has done extremely well in controlling this virus and as of writing this, cases are dropping below 200 cases/day.

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