Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Necessary For The Travelers And Visitors Coming To KSA?

Are The Doses of Vaccination Necessary For The Travelers And Visitors Coming To KSA?

A person from the Saudi Passport and Immigration Department ‘Licenses’ asked, ‘Is corona vaccine a condition for coming to the kingdom?’ Could there be another way? 

Jawazzat said that for Saudi Arabian foreign holders who have gone abroad and are affected by the travel ban imposed due to the Corona epidemic, the first condition for their direct arrival in the country is to take both doses of vaccination. 

The licenses further said that concerning vaccination, it is also mandatory that these passengers have received both doses of corona vaccine before departure from the country, and their status on TAWAKKALN  must be MUHSIN. Such people can come to the country directly from the countries where the principle of travel ban applies. 

The Saudi Citizen Inquired About The Permit Regarding Travel Abroad. It Has Been Less Than Six Months Since He Fell Victim To Corona. He Has To Travel Abroad. Is It Necessary To Take Another Dose? 

JAWAZZAT said that Saudi citizens must take both doses of the vaccine when traveling outside the kingdom in response to a question. However, the following conditions should be taken into account in which the exemption categories are specified. 

The Ministry exempted the children under the age of 12 and people recovering from the Corona (Less than six months) for complete vaccination. 

Those who receive the first dose of the vaccine after recovering from Corona can also travel abroad. Both doses of the vaccine are not necessary for people in these categories to leave the country. 

Regarding the Exodus Promise Act, a Twitter user asked, “Will there be a three-year ban if he does not return to the country after applying for an EXIT RE-ENTRY Visa?”

Permits say that according to the law of exit re-entry, immigrants who go on leave (under normal circumstances) must return within the stipulated time; otherwise, they will fall into the category of ‘EXIT WILUM YAD’. After which, those immigrants cannot come to the country on another visa for three years. However, if their ex-sponsor sends a second work visa, they can come to the country on this double visa during the prohibited period. Otherwise, they will only be allowed to go to the country on another work visa after the three-year ban expires. 

It is noticeable that under the residency laws in the country, immigrants who leave the country must return on time. Otherwise, such immigrants will be found guilty of violating the exit re-entry law, for which the state will punish them and blacklist them for 3 years. Such persons cannot come to the country for another work visa for three years. 

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