Ministry Of Manpower Insurance Contract Of Domestic Laborers Will Be Of 2 Years

Ministry Of Manpower “Insurance Contract Of Domestic Workers Will Be Of 2 Years:”

Human resources importers from recruiting agencies and institutions say domestic workers’ insurance will make the Saudi labor market more transparent. They eliminate problems with domestic workers.

According to the lesson website, the Saudi cabinet has approved the domestic staff insurance proposal at the request of the Minister of Manpower and Social Welfare Ahmed Al-Rajhi.

What If Domestic Workers Refuse To Work In Ksa?

Recruiting agencies say domestic staff refusal to work will end after the employees flee or after the 90-day trial period ends. The cost of importing domestic staff will also get reduced after the insurance program. One of the significant benefits of this is that the rights and duties of domestic workers and their clients will clearly define.

Ministry of Manpower spokesman Saad al-Hammad said all issues related to the death of a domestic worker or an accident while on duty, disability from work, incurable diseases, and the cost of repatriating an employee would get resolved.

Al-Hammad said the new ruling would guarantee workers full or partial disability compensation.

He said the domestic staff insurance contract would be for the first two years. The employer will then have the option of not having insurance at the time of renewal. 

What Are The Benefits Of Domestic Staff Insurance?

Saudi Minister of Human Resources and Social Promotion Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi has said that the insurance of domestic workers will bring many benefits to both employers and employees.

  • According to the Emergency website, he said, “One of the benefits of domestic staff insurance is that in the event of a worker’s death or loss of work, the recruitment company will oblige to provide a replacement worker to the sponsor.”
  • Similarly, in case of the worker’s death, the cost of repatriation will be borne by the insurance company. In case of escape of the worker, the sponsor will provide an alternative worker.
  • The Minister for Human Resources has said that “The benefit of insurance to the worker is that if an accident occurs during work due to which he becomes disabled, the insurance will pay him adequate compensation”.
  • “The insurance policy will make the Saudi labor market more attractive, and in its presence, there will be better agreements with labor-providing countries.”
  • “Insurance will protect the rights of both employer and employer. It will also minimize the risk and loss of work.”

It is noticeable that the Saudi cabinet has approved two years of insurance for domestic workers.

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