Digital Services

Digital Services are reshaping the future

To facilitate government affairs for foreigners and locals living in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior uses Digital services to ensure the best services are available to make it easier for people to access government services.

Ease of doing Government affairs via Digital Services

With modern technology becoming common in the country since the year 2000, the Ministry of Home Affairs was the first to launch digital services in the licensing agency. 

Digital Licenses:

Using state-of-the-art technology to compile foreigners’ and citizens’ data, licenses is link to it. Moreover, A database center is also in place where they store official information of every user.

Digital ID:

Card residency is introduce by updating the system in licenses with digital Iqama. Moreover, The coupon system was abolished and converted into payment through a bank account. This simplify the collecting fees to renew residency and exit promise. Also Here is how to activate Digital ID

Fingerprint Data for Digital Services:

Citizens ‘and foreigners’ data is attach to a fingerprint system to keep people’s information separate and secure.

Exit Promise:

With the issuance of card residency, exit promise is attach to the sponsor called Kafeel. However, User can obtain The exit promise from the sponsor system. 

Exit Visas:

Digitization of exit promises and residency renewals solved problems. Queuing at the licensing office since morning. They are also eliminated, making it easier for people to obtain an exit visa. They Don’t need to go to the licensing office or queuing up.

How it was before the introduction of Digital Services

Before the year 2000, essential government services for foreigners in Saudi Arabia, including renewal of residency, issuance of exit or final exit visa, and renewal and issuance of the license and vehicle ownership card from the traffic police, were very difficult. 

Exit Re Entry Visas:

It used to take at least two days for the departure to take place. The exit re-entry visa was stamped on the passport. For this, one has to buy a coupon to pay the prescribed fee, fill it along with the exit promise form, and then submit it along with a copy of the residence and passport, which is two or sometimes four.

Renewal of Iqama:

Similarly, the renewal of residency was also a matter of great urgency for which special representatives were appointed in all the institutions whose job was only to deal with the affairs of the government institutions.


The licensing head office would close at 2 p.m., forcing agents to go to the permits early in the morning and queue up, and when the licensing officer found any errors, the matter would have to be re-prepared. 

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