DELTA VIRUS: Ministry Of Health Of KSA Considering To Give 3rd And 4th Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine

DELTA VIRUS: The Saudi Ministry of Health has said that “Changing corona species are more dangerous and are spreading rapidly.”

According to the local website, the Ministry of Health has said that “Saudi citizens and expatriates should get both doses of corona vaccine at the earliest opportunity and continue to ban SOPs.”

On the other hand, infectious disease experts have said that “The third dose of corona vaccine will be essential – many countries have started this series.”

Dr. Ali Shehri Interview About DELTA VIRUS

According to Sabq, Al-Marsad, and Akhbar 24, Dr. Ali Al-Shehri said that in Saudi Arabia, “Several cases of the new type of coronavirus, Delta, have a record.”

Talking to Al-Akhbariya, Al-Shehri said, “Delta virus will spread all over the world. Saudi Arabia is not an isolated country from the world. The whole world seems affected by it.”

“Eventually, we will need a third dose,” al-Shehri said. “We are not fully aware of the changing strains of the virus. Their numbers may increase in the future. And the fifth dose should also get apply.

“Medical tests have shown that the elderly, people with serious illnesses, and cancer patients need a third dose,” al-Shehri said.

Another infectious disease specialist, Dr. Tahir-ul-Azraqi, was asked in a discussion on Al-Akhbariya Channel whether a third dose of vaccine may be mandatory. “Yes, many countries have started it,” he said. “It’s been observed that six months after vaccination, the immune system and antibodies begin to weaken in the human body. In that case, the virus attacks.” 

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