Daily Corona Cases

Daily Corona Cases Dropped below 100 – A Story of Courage and Determination.

While addressing KSA residents on 03-01-2021, the Ministry of Health announced that they had recorded a major drop in the COVID-19. They successively controlled the spread after sealing land, sea, and air borders. Saudi’s efforts to control covid 19 are quite remarkable. They even give free treatment to expats whose Iqama expiry was near or it was expired.

Since March 2019, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom had never experienced much fewer cases than the previous week when the number of COVID-19 fell in double digits only.

Approximately lesser than 120. A day after they reported a small hike but it was neglectable.

Total Cases as of 4th January 2021

The total number of COVID-19 cases till the 04-01-2021 in the Kingdom is almost 363080. Out of these, 354,450 are practically recovered.

The recovery rate (97.6 %) has become the most successful globally due to timely preventive measures. Still, the total number of deaths that happened due to COVID-19 is recorded as almost 6247.

Approximately 2375 cases are active out of 363080 cases, and only 358 instances are critical throughout the KSA.

Daily Corona Cases in Previous week

In recent weeks only 82 new COVID-19 cases got on screen in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Out of which 30 new cases are in Riyadh.

18 new cases were recorded in the area of Jeddah city. Whereas, in Jazan, Tabuk, and Najran, the newly COVID-19 cases were reported not more than 1.

Daily Corona Cases
MOH Daily Report

This is the lowest number of cases ever in KSA.

Almost 9 cases are from different individual towns. On the other side, Al-Jouf took necessary preventive measures against the COVID-19. Moreover, not even a single case happened in the Al-jouf in recent weeks.

Today, there is also no COVID-19 new case in Baha.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 184 new COVID-19 patients are in good health after getting infection from this deadly virus. After this, the total number of active cases left only in 2375. At the same time, the recovery rate is 97.6 %. This is a slight increase from 97.4%

Simultaneously, eight new deaths were reported due to this deadly COVID-19 virus, which raised the death amount to nearly 6246.

Efforts behind the Curtains

In late December 2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken almost 11 million COVID-19 tests. These tests helped the health team to understand the statics and nature of spread using the polymerase chain test.

Nearly more than 30000 COVID-19 tests performed in the Kingdom in the last 24 hours on 03-01-2021

While fighting against this deadly virus, the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia announced to provide the COVID-19 Vaccine on 17 December 2020. This Vaccine will be provided for free

It was a sense of relief for the residents. Almost more than 700000 people registered them for the COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer BioNtech) under 48 hours.

Latest Developments

(1)The Ministry of Health has affirmed the immunization’s protection and fitness after fruitful tests indicated that it gave a solid invulnerable reaction and antibodies in preliminary member. 

(2)- Health Minister Tawfiq al-Rabiah disclosed to Al Arabiya a week ago that immunizations (Pfizer BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine) will be available all over the Kingdom within 21 days.

(3)- Saudi Arabia is set to get 3,000,000 portions of the Pfizer COVID-19 immunization before May 2021. 

(4)Coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia kept on dropping, with 82 new diseases written about Sunday, as indicated by the Ministry of Health’s assertion. 

(5)The Health Ministry also revealed seven additional deaths in recent hours, denoting one more day of single-digit infection-related fatalities since the pandemic’s flare-up in the Kingdom. 

(6)- Riyadh area announced the most elevated number of contaminations with 35 cases, trailed by the Makkah district with 24 and the Eastern locale with seven instances

 (7)- With the preventive measurements, the new cases consistently, which were dynamically increasing in the Kingdom, have dropped to 2,375 out of which 358 were critical cases.

If everything goes like this, soon Saudi Arabia will declare victory over this deadly virus. InshaAllah.

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