Ministry Of Health Clarified Approval Of Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine

Ministry Of Health Clarified Approval Of Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine

Ministry of Health Clarified approval of Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine. Dr. Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali said:

“They did not approve the SINOPHARM and SINOVAC corona vaccines yet in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson) has approved four vaccines.”

“Apart from these four, no other vaccine has been approved in the country so far. Also, the ministry did not yet register┬áSINOPHARM and SINOVAC vaccines.

Can People Vaccinate With Chinese Vaccines Travel To Saudi Arabia?

More He explained who have taken two doses of the Chinese vaccine could take an additional dose of the vaccine approved in Saudi Arabia. 
It is noticeable that Saudi Arabia had announced on its e-Visa portal that those who take two doses of the Chinese vaccine could come to Saudi Arabia if they had already taken an additional amount of the vaccine approved in the KSA. 

Ministry Of Health Advised Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated As Soon As Possible

The health ministry said: “All four corona vaccines are safe and vital. Women can get any of the four approve vaccines at each stage of pregnancy. On the contrary, coronavirus is dangerous for pregnant women and can cause them problems.”

Are Rumors About Children Dying After Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine True?

 The spokesman dismissed rumors circulating on social media that several children who had received the corona vaccine had died. Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Ali said that this rumor had nothing to do with reality.

He said that the Ministry of Health gave a significant number of doses of the corona in the country. Coronavirus cases are declining after the vaccine program.

NOTE: Critical cases due to vaccines are also declining. Almost 99% of critical cases are related to patients who did not yet take the COVID-19 vaccine.

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