Did Children Die In Ksa After Getting 1st Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccination

Did Children Die In Ksa After Getting 1st Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccination?

Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad al-Abd al-Ali said reports of deaths in children after the Covid-19 vaccination were baseless.

More he has said that “Such false news is nothing but aimed at spreading chaos in the society. Also, there is no record in Saudi Arabia that a child has died after vaccination. Also, the news spread on social media is baseless and a lie that Ministry can not ignore.”

“Residents will have to resort to standard means to get accurate and authentic news,” he said.

Furthermore, the epidemic in Saudi Arabia is mainly under control. There are fewer patients in the country who are in critical condition due to corona. Also, it is because they have not completed two doses.

Saudi Public Prosecution Will Take Serious Action If Children Do Not Complete The Prescribed Covid-19 Vaccination Course:

Failure to complete the course of vaccines prescribed for children will lead to the arrest of children. Also, it could lead to illness. Negligence cannot allow.”

  • He said, “Failure to provide vaccines for children under Section 3 of the Child Protection Act would considered negligence.”
  • Child Protection Act states that “Children have the right to vaccinated against hereditary diseases. According to the law, children under the age of 18 will count.”

Explaining the concept of ‘negligence’ with children, the Public Prosecution said that ‘not providing the children’s basic needs or neglecting it in this regard falls under the ambit of negligence.’ 

  • “According to section one of the Child Protection Act, the physical, emotional, psychological, educational, intellectual, social, cultural, security and health needs of children are among the basic needs,” the public prosecution said. 
  • The first clause of Section 13 of the Child Protection Act states that ‘The essential needs of children include everything necessary for children’s health care. It consists of the provision of vaccines against diseases and epidemics and the provision of appropriate treatment.

Note: The public prosecution asked parents to “Ensure that children got vaccinated according to the prescribed schedule.”

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