To combat the spread of COVID 19 in Bahrain have extended the closing date of shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes for 15 days

Covid 19 in Bahrain let to Two More Weeks of Closures

Bahrain’s national team to deal with the coronavirus epidemic has decided to impose sanctions from Friday, June 11, to Friday, June 25, 2021. Moreover, To combat the spread of COVID 19 in Bahrain, authorities have extended the closing date of shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes for 15 days.

Spas and Salons:

Spas, barbershops, and beauty salons will also be closed, along with events and conferences. Most essential services, such as pharmacies, petrol stations, grocery stores, and others, will remain open during the period.

Sports Centers and events

Sports centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, recreational games, cinemas, and all showrooms are going to be close as of now. There is a ban on Conferences and events. Spectator participation in sports events will be prohibited. Ban on Special events in homes is also in effect.

Education and Government Employees

Employees of all government agencies will continue to perform their duties online. Up to 70% of employees will be on duty online. Attendance at all schools, colleges, institutions of higher learning, and kindergarten will be prohibited. Also the Education will be provided online. However, This will be an exception for those taking the international exams.

Travelers from Red List countries:

According to the statement, they are giving the extension to the restrictions on travelers to Bahrain.
The National Medical Team for Coronavirus has exempted several organizations from the ban. Bahrain will only grant entry to Bahraini citizens and legal residents from countries on the “red list,”‌ ‌including‌ ‌India,‌ ‌Pakistan,‌ ‌Sri‌ ‌Lanka,‌ ‌Nepal,‌ ‌Vietnam,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Bangladesh.

Condition of PCR Test:

A PCR test within 48 hours before leaving your country is a requirement of all visitors older than seven years of age from all other countries. In addition, on arrival and on the 10th day of staying, PCR tests must be performed. New arrivals must quarantine in either their residences or hotels approved by the government for ten days.

Travelers from Non Red List Countries

A traveler who has not been to a red-listed country within the previous 14 days ‌ with proof of receiving COVID-19 vaccination in the UK, ‌ the ‌EU,‌ the ‌US, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, or Canada will not be subject to quarantine or pre-departure PCR testing.

The government of Bahrain has instructed that all institutions will be reopened one by one once the 15-day ban is lifted.

Updated Stats of Covid 19 in Bahrain:

Despite providing vaccine to nearly 50 percent of the population, Bahrain reported an increase in Covid-19 cases beginning May 17. There are currently 732,710 people with vaccine in Bahrain. The numbers are up to 220,000 cases, and 878 deaths, with 2 766 new cases reported Tuesday.

Authorities may decide to ease, extend, or modify any restrictions based on disease activity in the coming weeks.

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