Covid-19 active cases crossed 11,000 Mark as of 18 June 2021

Covid-19 active cases crossed 11,000 Mark as of 18 June 2021

While addressing the KSA residents on 18-06-2021, the Ministry of Health announced that they had recorded a massive increase in COVID-19 throughout the Kingdom during the last month (18-05-2021 to 18-06-2021). Covid-19 active cases for the first time crossed 11,000, and the recovery rate from COVID-19 decreased with the increased number of deaths during the previous month.

Average Cases per day

For the first time in the past six months, the COVID-19 average cases crossed 1,167 in the KSA. On the same side, the Holy Month of ZIL-HAJJ is starting, and the ministry of health asked the worshipers and pilgrims to follow COVID-19 sops. It will prevent them from getting COVID-19, but it will also help the KSA government gain control of COVID-19.

Total Cases as of 18 June 2021

The country on Wednesday (18-06-2021) recorded 15 new COVID-19-related passings. The loss of life has arrived at 7,650 (%2). There were 1236 new COVID-19 cases recorded in the recent day, making almost 471,959 COVID-19 Total cases. 

There are 11,050 active COVID-19 cases, out of which only 1496 of these are in severe condition. The government’s protective measures resulted in an increased recovery rate in Saudi Arabia up to 98%.

Still, in the previous one and a half months, the recovery rate decreased from 98% to 97%. The Ministry of Health said they recorded a massive hike in the COVID-19 cases in the previous month. Also, there have been a further 1050 recoveries from the COVID-19 virus in the last 24 hours, carrying the absolute to 454,259. Primary cases are additionally keeping a decrease with almost an 86.4 percent drop.

Covid 19 Stats as of 18 June 2021

Total Cases471,959
Total Recoveries454,259
Active Cases11,050
Critical Cases1496
Recovery Rate97%
Covid 19 Active Cases and Stats as of 18 June 2021

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