Corona Virus Update – Saudi Arabia announced victory over Covid-19

In their latest Corona Virus Update, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Interior stated that theĀ COVID-19 spread is stabling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In recent days KSA reported a low number of cases than from the beginning of March 2020. The COVID-19 spread in KSA is stable up to a large extent.

Saudi Government took some extra measures and even introduced two apps named Tawakkalna and “Eatmarna” to curb the spread and force a curfew.

Corona Virus Updates are also coming each and every day to make sure people are aware of the current situation.

As of 15 Dec 2020, MOH (Ministry of Health) reported 139 new coronavirus cases, much less than 150.

Almost all KSA districts have reported less than 50 new cases in the last entire week and further. Based on control on the spread of COVID-19 Ministry of Health verified that approximately all KSA districts are in a secure and comfort zone.

There is no need to worry about it now unless you follow all the preventive measurements seriously.

Official Statement by Dr. Mohammad Al-Abd Al-Aly about Corona Virus Update:

While addressing the public in a news conference, Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly said,

“Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now along the regions which have a visible and lower number of cases in past days. KSA residents keep preventive measurements throughout the spread. That’s the reason the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia got more control over the spread of COVID-19.

It was impossible to achieve such victory without the collaboration of society with the relevant departments to tackle this chronic virus spread to ensure everyone’s welfare and security.”

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd

Official Statement by Dr. Mohammad Al-Abd Al-Aly about Corona Vaccine:

According to him,

“The initial stake of COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech) will be in KSA within some days, and everyone should have to be vaccinated even if they are recovered or not or didn’t expose to COVID-19.”

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd

He further added,

“Statistical records across the globe showing positive effects of the vaccine. Vaccination from COVID-19 matters before a person’s health and welfare.

We encourage everyone to get vaccine either they are recovered or not, and according to the science, a person should have to be vaccinated rather there is not any assurance that person will get the infection after the first diagnosis for not”

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd

According to him,

“Those persons who will register for the vaccine will not pass through some health checkups or examinations. Health officials will only ask some health-related queries and questions after which they will be vaccinated.”

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd

Vice-Chairman of SFDA Dr. Adel Al-Harf about vaccine:

Vice-Chairman of SFDA Dr. Adel Al-Harf stated,

Vice-Chairman of SFDA Dr. Adel Al-Harf stated, “Everyone should have to be vaccinated. The vaccine process will be in two different stages.

Everyone will be vaccinated two times in two stages, with a gap of almost 20 days between them. As the effect of COVID-19 was major in people aged 16 to 60+, so people who are above 16 should take vaccine necessarily.”

Dr. Adel Al-Harf

He also addressed that

“In initial stages, the vaccines will be given to health officials. After that, public sectors will supply the vaccine to the private and non-public sectors with the Ministry of Health authorities.”

Dr. Adel Al-Harf

Current Situation of Corona Virus in Kingdom

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the kingdom is almost 359888, out of which 350549 are almost recovered.

The recovery rate (97.4%) has become the most successful, globally due to the mean time’s preventive measures.

Almost 3291 cases are active out of 359888 total cases, and only 499 cases are marked as critical cases throughout the KSA.

How Kingdom took Control of Corona Virus:

Saudi Arabia Government and Ministry of Passports temporarily banned 9 countries from travel destinations (To and from) on March 13, 2020, due to the increase in the spread of the chronic virus in these countries, including South Korea, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Italy, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Lebanon.

The government also banned the movement in the country’s interior cities.

While taking the precautionary measurements, the Ministry of Interior and the KSA government decided to banned any means of travel (Sea, Land, Air) between the cities of KSA and outside the country due to the self-isolation held by KSA.

Later, a decision was made. Trade trips and shipping were removed from this ban. Trade can be made between the countries while adopting preventive measures due to the ultimate loss in KSA’s economy.

While considering the preventive measures, some parts of KSA became the victim of COVID-19, including KSA’s eastern province.

To control and stop the spread of this chronic virus, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and Ministry of Health (MOH) combined their services to protect humanity. They decided to charge the curfew (Quarantine) in some parts of the eastern province.

Moreover, the country lost its connection (entry and exfil) from QATIF till the end of March 2020.

Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health asked the public, citizens, and tourist stuck in-country (due to the ban on international flights) to take preventive measures and keep each other safe in this plague; otherwise, it will not only effects one person but also it will leave disastrous effects on the whole family of the victim.

People helped the KSA government and took preventive measures throughout the curfew(quarantine). Life is coming to normal.

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