“Tawakkalna” plays an essential role in the control of the spread of COVID-19. This app allowed different “permits (Issue-e-permit, Travel-permits, Movement-permits, UMRAH-permit, Prayer permit)” during the COVID-19. Moreover, Permits are required to visit other places, getting medical assistance, and self-disclosure services. However, Now Tawakkalna App now has Color Codes. Color Codes in Tawakkalna tells the user’s history regarding Covid 19

Services in Tawakkalna

Lately, Authorities added many more services to the Tawakkalna app. Some of the services of the “Tawakkalna” application are below

(1)- Covid vaccine registration. 

(2)- Covid status of the account holder in color-coded reports. 

(3)- Covid self-assessment test.

(4)- Residents can access their Iqama and driving license through it. This is Also known as Digital IDs

(5)- User can register his Dependents on the TAWAKKALNA account without the need of having a separate Tawakkalna or Absher account. However, The health status of dependents registered with their beneficiary account will be able to see through this application.

(6)- A QR code facility is added. In case you are visiting any shopping mall or restaurant, you have to scan the code outside of that restaurant or mall to know that is there any room for you in the mall or not. Due to the increasing COVID-19 cases, Saudi Arabia’s government limited the people’s capacity in malls and restaurants. Without this, you will not be able to enter any public place.

Color Codes in Tawakkalna

Once you click on the health condition button at the home page button, you will be able to see the Covid-19 status of the account holder in color-coded patterns. Moreover, According to the Ministry of Health data, color-coded patterns ensure and demonstrate consumers’ health through encrypted personnel Data. There are total 7 Color Codes in Tawakkalna App

  • Dark Green Color
  • Green Color
  • Orange Color
  • Brown Color
  • Blue Color
  • Violet Color
  • Gray Color

Definition of Each Color Codes in Tawakkalna

There is a total of 7 color codes in the tawakkalna application which are used for the COVID-19 health status of the person. However, These color codes are entirely different and resemble some unique health status of the account holder. Below we have described each color code and its resemblance to the COVID-19 health status of the account holder.

Dark Green Color code in Tawakkalna: Immune from Covid 19

There are further three classes into this Color Code

1) IMMUNE: The dark green color indicates that the user has completed the doses of the Corona vaccine (Covid-19).

2) IMMUNE BY THE FIRST DOSE: It indicates that the user has received a portion of the vaccines, and it’s displayed for 14 days after the latest dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. It continues for 180 days unless the beneficiary completes the total doses or has a record of infection.

3) IMMUNE BY RECOVERY: It indicates that the user recovered from the infection and developed a natural immunity from the infection that lasts for six months unless the beneficiary records another infection or receiving a vaccine.

Green Color: No Record of Infection

The green color indicates that the user has no record of infection or is directly exposed to an infected person or an exposed person who has been retested and declared healthy.

Orange Color: Exposed to Covid 19

Orange color indicates that the user has been exposed to a COVID-19 infected person and is permitted to leave the house but is not permitted to enter workplaces or enclosed public places nor is allowed to obtain any permits.

Brown Color: Infected from Covid 19

Brown color indicates that the user is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 under the Ministry of Health data.

Blue Color: Arrived from Abroad A Category Countries

The blue color indicates that the user has arrived from countries other than the countries listed by the Ministry of Health. He must have completed his 7-days of self-quarantine or comply with 3-days of self-quarantine by taking a Covid-19 test 48 hours after arrival, then terminate the self-quarantine if the test result is negative. The health condition “No record of infection” appears.

Violet Color: Arrived from Abroad Category B Countries

Violet color indicates that the user has arrived from certain countries defined by the Ministry of Health. He must complete 7-days of self-quarantine by taking a Covid-19 test on the 6th day, then terminate the self-quarantine if the test result is negative. And the health condition “No record of infection” appears. The countries that fall in the B category lists are the following 20 countries:

(1)- Argentina 

(2)- United Arab Emirates 

(3)- Germany

(4)- United States of America 


(6)- Ireland 

(7)- Italy 

(8)- Pakistan

(9)- Brazil 


(11)- United Kingdom

(12)- Turkey 

(13)- South Africa 


(15)- Switzerland

(16)- France

(17)- Lebanon 

(18)- Egypt 

(19)- India

(20)- Japan

Gray Color: No Internet Connection

Gray color indicates that the user has no internet connection on his device or has not located their address, or he is using a Virtual private network (VPN)

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  1. My tawakalna is in brown color,when the color green appear again since I already completed the 14 days isolation and no more covid 19 symptoms.

      1. In case of institutional quarantine, if 1st pcr is skipped by mistake, and 2nd pcr Is only done, then tawakalna will be updated with green at which day?

  2. Mine is still violet even though I’ve done my quarantine and swab test negative but it’s still purple,,

  3. i recovred from covid19 and my tawakalna change to green ater the last day of self quarantine…. but since i have a son with as dependent from my tawakalna his code is orange or expose.. but until now it did not chnage to green… he dont have any sysmptoms from the past 14 days of my quarantine… how or when it will be back to green again??,, thanks!!!

  4. My status was green till yesterday. I travelled from UAE and took 2 PCR tests. I have to travel to Bisha from Jeddah. Can I travel with my negative results and violet color on my app?

  5. I done my covid test on 5th June and the result is negative bt still my Tawakkalna is in violet colour.

      1. I returned from India on 22 Aug with 2 astra doses,muqeem registration done. want to upload vaccine certificate in eservices now, but showing file deleted or moved, tawakalna showing institutional quarantine, purple colour, plz guide

  6. Good Day Sir,

    How long to wait for my tawakalna to be GREEN in color? I arrived in Saudi since June 03, 2021, stayed in hotel for 7 days and have 2 times PCR SWAB test in Hotel with NEGATIVE results for both.. I also booked my swab yesterday (22/06/2021) in SEHHATY application and went yesterday morning time to get PCR Swab.. and just received my result: NEGATIVE. Please I need to know how long to wait for my tawakalna to be updated in color? As I want to get vaccinated for the first time and so on…

      1. it is 19days now since I got my 2nd swab test result last 06/10/2021 and it is still violet.. could i call MOH hotline for I can cross verify? Please provide a number hotline for MOH.. Thank you! awaiting for your kind response…

  7. Hi, I have done my 7 days quarantine and 1st and 2nd PCR test and it is negative but until now it’s purple.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  8. Hello dear
    How long to wait for my tawakalna to be GREEN in color? I arrived in Saudi since June June 6, 2021, from USA
    I already had the 2 doses if vaccine
    stayed in the house for 7 days and cannot get any appointments for PCR SWAB test and Tawakkalna not aalowed purple color to do the test. I also tried with no luck in SEHHATY application.
    Please I need to know how long to wait for my tawakalna to be updated in color? As I want to get test for the first time and planning to travel

    1. Usually, it is updated within 14 days but not sure why it is delayed in your case. Wait a few more days. Hopefully it will be green

  9. Why until now my tawakkalna still violet? Ive finished already my institutional quarantine… And its my 14days today since ive been checkout….

  10. I have a dark green colour code in tawakkalna through Immunised by recovery until Sep 19/2020. I have a flight to KSA on July 14 after completing my 14days stay in serbia. I have not booked institutional quarantine so far, its not required for this category right? can any body confirm?

  11. Hello,,why is it my tawakkalna still color violet,, i already done with my institutional quarantine i already done with my swab and the result is negative.. i arrived here in saudi from UAE last june 25..please help..ive done also my first dose last April 22 using other phone frm my co worker.. and it doesnt appear in my phone that ive done with the firdt dose… please help me. I want to book now my 2nd dose… thanks

  12. Hey,
    I’m trying to bring my wife to saudi under iqama.

    Can she home quarantine in my home in jeddah ? Or does she have to go to the hotel ?

  13. Hi guys
    The thing is I am in Jeddah quarantining and I have to leave for Riyadh after I complete my quarantine my major concern is that how long will the tawakalna app take to update cause I have a flight booked as soon as I finish quarantine – will they let me take the flight if I show them I have completed quarantine and taken the test too

  14. Can an individual decide to which color he can display in tawakkalna. I have a friend of mine, she makes a joke to her family that her test for covid is positive. Can she make it in tawakkalna?

  15. My uncle brown colour in tawakkalna maybe 10 days ago he first time with brown colour ,and last update yesterday still brown colour.. he already vaccine second doses.. anyone say if 10 days already not infected… Can you tell to me when my uncle can start work again ?? After 10 day or after change colour ?

  16. When can I get the traveling permit after recovering and my Tawakalna changing to green

  17. I already finish my institutional quarantine last august 2 with negative results. But still my tawakkalna in in violet color. I was rejected to enter the vaccine center when I supposed to take 1st dose vaccine. Its already 10 days since I discharge from hotel.

  18. Aslamu alaikum I have arrived from the UK and my status should be green in Tawakkalna because I have had the vaccine 2 doses over two months ago and negative pcr test and registered result at the airport on arrival I also completed Muqeem portal vaccination information and completed an arrival disclaimer. I privided all information and with the rules stated and now I am stuck with this blue colour on Tawakkalna which indicates I have arrived from a country where I need to isolate and take pcr test. I am here for Umrah for 2 weeks only. I am very upset to be misled I queried this in my home country UK before booking my trip. Can anyone advise me with whom to contact and with the relevant contact number please.

  19. Hi, I arrived in Saudi on 29th, August. I got vaccine two times( Phizer), also it has been passed 15 days.
    Once I registered in Tawakkalna, it says “unknown” on 29th. And it says “home quarantine” on 30th.
    Also, i registered in Muqueem site on 28th before the departure.
    Hmm, it takes time to be updated to become “Green”? Or do u think something went wrong?if so, do i need to contact Tawakkalna??
    So worried ㅠㅜ

  20. Hi, I was updated my covid-19 vaccination certificate in MOH portal last week. My application still exist.But my tawakalna showing the color code white since yesterday.I don’t know the color denotes ????

  21. Hi sir. last week i’m reached saudi. i took 2 pcr’s and i got negative results from MOH. but still my tawakalna is showing purple colour. i have completed 5 days institutional qurantine.

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