How People Vaccinated With Chinese Vaccines Can Enter Ksa

How People Vaccinated With Chinese Vaccines Can Enter KSA?

Saudi Arabia has announced on its e-Visa portal that foreign visitors who had taken two doses of the Chinese vaccines, SINOPHARM or SINOVAC, can travel to the Kingdom. But these travelers have to take one of the four Western vaccines approved in KSA as a booster dose before entering the Kingdom.

It is noticeable that on 1 August, Saudi Arabia opened its tourism sector to foreign tourists who took both doses of the approved vaccine.

How Can Foreign Travellers With Chinese Vaccines Travel To Kingdom?

  • The notification on the e-Visa portal said, “All travelers coming to the country on a tourist visa must have to provide a vaccination certificate of one of the four currently approved vaccines. These include two doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna, or one dose of Johnson Eden Johnson.”
  • “Passengers on tourist visas who have taken two doses of SINFOPHARM or cyanobacterial vaccine can also travel to KSA. However they have to take an extra dose of one of the approved vaccines in the country.”
  • Foreigners wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia must submit an approved vaccination certificate. They also need a negative report of the PRC test taken 72 hours before departure.
  • There is no need for quarantine for passengers receiving vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia.
  • Passengers with pre-issued tourist visas will also pay a fee of forty riyals for medical expenses related to Corona. Fees collection will take place at the airport.

It is noticeable that many people in Pakistan have taken the Chinese vaccine. Thousands of people in Pakistan travel to Saudi Arabia daily for employment, Umrah, and Hajj. But, Pakistan is currently banned due to its name being on the red list.

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