A Sigh Of Relief For Pakistanis, Saudi Arabia Approved Sinopharm And Sinovac Vaccines

A Sigh Of Relief For Pakistanis, Saudi Arabia Approved Sinopharm And Sinovac Chinese Vaccine


  • Saudi Arabia Government Approved The Use Of Chinese Vaccine On Tuesday, 24-08-2021
  • People Vaccinated With Chinese Vaccines Can Now Travel To KSA. However, they need a booster dose of Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Johnson, And Moderna
  • Pakistani Can Travel Direct To Ksa If They Fall Under The Criteria

According to Arab News, the Saudi Arabian government on Tuesday approved the use of two Chinese vaccines, SINOPHARM AND SINOVAC, against the coronavirus.

The Gulf state had previously offered its citizens Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Biotech, Johnson & Johnson, and Modern, but adding Chinese vaccines to the list would alleviate the hardships faced by many overseas citizens.

People Vaccinated With Two Chinese Vaccines Can Now Travel To Ksa:

Hundreds of Pakistanis were waiting to return because of the unavailability of Pfizer and modern vaccines, as the country was mainly using Chinese vaccines.

According to MOH, those who had completed their vaccination program with SINOPHARM AND SINOVAC can travel to KSA. However, they also need a booster shot of the vaccine approved in the KSA.

The publication said that KSA had previously stated that two doses of two different vaccines can take, according to international scientific studies that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of this approach in dealing with the virus. The second dose can take at least three weeks, he added after the first.

According to Arab News, “People recovering from Covid 19 should receive two doses of the vaccine. It should be at least ten days after the first infection and at least three weeks after the second.”

He added that if the infection occurred after the first dose, the second dose could get at least ten days after the infection.

Pakistan Welcomes The Direct Travel Permission:

Earlier, Pakistan welcomed the decision of the Saudi Arabian government to allow direct travel to the Kingdom from Pakistan.

Recently, Saudi Arabia eased Covid 19 restrictions for fully vaccinated expatriates. By this, they are allowing them to enter the KSA directly from travel-restricted countries such as Pakistan.

Turning to Twitter, the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh welcomed the development.

“The Embassy of Pakistan also welcomes the decision of the Govt of the KSA to allow direct travel from Pakistan. However, they should have valid Saudi residency permits. Also who have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine inside KSA before their departure from the Kingdom.”

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