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Check Iqama Expiry of your Fellow Expat using your Abshar

If we go a few years back, it was easy to check the Iqama Expiry or Iqama Status of anyone without using Abshar. As an example, What you need to do at that time was to go to the given link which was given by the Government (Ministry of Interior) and put his/her details to see their Iqama Status in Saudi Arabia.

Although it was easier this way but with the introduction of Abshar, almost everything related to the personal detail of expat workers was made accessible under abshar. You can also check your’s using the Ministry of labor’s portal and nevertheless We have covered this topic here

However, it was made easier to check your Iqama Status with this step. Still, to check others, it was not easier.

As a consequence of this, You have to access your abshar to check other’s Iqama

Here is your simple guide on how you can check Iqama Expiry

Step 1: Go to Abshar

To check Iqama Status, you need to log in to your Abshar. We have made it easy for you to go there.
Just click on this LINK, and it will surely take you to the main page of Abshar.

Once you are on the Abshar platform, Click on the individual box, which will surely take you to the login page of Abshar.

Abshar Main Page
Abshar Main Page

Step 2: Add your Details

Add your username and password.

Abshar Login Page
Login Page

Step 3: Take the phone out of your pocket

Click on the login page. For this reason, you will be directed to the verification screen where you have to put the code that you just received on your registered mobile number.

Enter that code into it, and Voila, your Dashboard should be in front of your eyes. Although it is the main page still you need to click on the Dashboard button to see the summary of your data.

Main Page after Login
Main Page

Step4: What the Dashboard

You will see all of your details here. However, this is not why we are here this time around.

Now, you need to look for “Query Iqama Expiry Service“, which should be at the bottom of your dashboard.

Click on this, and it will surely take you to the page where you can add the Iqama number of that particular individual.

Query iqama Expire Check
Query iqama Expire Check

Step5: The End is Here

Add Iqama number and Security code and click on view.

ٍSurely, The next page will give you the detail or Iqama Expiry Date of that individual. This is it.

Iqama detail
Enter Iqama detail
Final Result
Final Result


This is how we check Iqama Status in Saudi Arabia for individuals using our own Abshar Account.

Undoubtedly, I hope this article has enabled you to help others. Therefore i urge you to help others including myself.

For this reason, don’t forget to help us by sharing our valuable post with others so they can also get knowledge from this.

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