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How To Change Iqama Profession In Saudi Arabia 2023

Saudi Iqama is given to all the residents that are living in KSA. The Iqama contains some data composed on the ID card that tells your name, DOB, expiry, and work-permit type, including your change Iqama profession, ensuring that you are working and living in Saudi Arabia. If you don’t want any trouble while living in KSA, you should have all the correct details on every document to prove your identity and stay in KSA. If the authorities find some difference in any information on records, you will be ultimately a mess.

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The data should be equivalent in the entirety of your records and identification also. If your IQAMA says you are an engineer, but you are working in different employment, it gets included as a working crime in KSA, which is illegal. If you change your profession, you should have to change the specific data or information on IQAMA. Moreover, you won’t be permitted to work or get any advantages whatsoever. There are particular requirements to change your profession, and without following these requirements, you wouldn’t be able to change your IQAMA profession.

Who Is Eligible To Change The Profession?

 A person can change his profession if and only if he is according to the terms and contract of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development. Also, Make sure to check your Iqama Expiry date before you move further with changes to your Iqama Profession. MLSD stated that a person could change his job if and only if he complies with the conditions stated below: 

Condition To Change Profession (For Expats Already In Ksa):

  • The Ministry must know expat of Labour and Social Development.
  • Completed his contract with the previous Employer.
  • He completed one year with his previous contractor (1st contractor after coming to KSA)
  • Expat should have a certified documented work contract.
  • He should have submitted for a new job QIWI portal (MINISTRY PORTAL FOR NEW JOBS)
  • Expat should have resigned with a withdrawal period notice.
  • If an Expat consents to the above conditions, then they can easily change profession.

Condition To Change Profession (For New Expats In Ksa):

  • Expat should be capable of procuring a visa as per legislation and ordinance.
  • Expat should have applied for a new job via the QIWI platform (Ministry platform or jobs)
  • He should have consent with Wage Protection System legislations
  • Expat should have consent with the legislation of labour procurement document and digitization program.
  • Expat should have consent with the self-appraisement program.

Cases Where Expats Can Change Profession (Without Conditions):

  1. If the expat found absenteeism of work contract for straight 90 days after coming to the KSA.
  2. If the expat is not getting a salary for the 90 days straight, he can change his profession
  3. Employer is absent for 90 days straight after coming to KSA, he can change his profession.
  4. If the expat Iqama expires, he can change his profession.
  5. Company get banned due to “Tasattur” (Illegal Business), the expat was brought to KSA by fraud.
  6. If the expat wrangles with his Employer and Employer didn’t attend the last two hearings of LABOUR COURT, he could change his profession
  7. If the expat employer decides to abandon them, he can change his profession

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How To Change The Profession In Iqama 2023?

If a person wants to change his IQAMA profession and thinks he is eligible for professional change by considering the above condition, then the process to shift the IQAMA profession is written below.


The procedure to change the IQAMA profession includes some detailed steps, which are discussed below. So, try to read with care if you don’t want to make any mistakes.

Attested Degree By Mofa:

Degree Attestation in Saudi Arabia is an essential requirement when you want to change your work permit, including your IQAMA profession in the Kingdom, or find a job that fits your standards with lawful standard archives. For a situation where your degree details, including your work permit, are not the same as what your occupation is, at that point, you may confront results and extreme fines/charges. It is a genuine issue and must get redressed right away. Also, It would be best to have an Iqama that has all your data composed accurately and remembers your calling for the Kingdom.

However, The Saudi Embassy must verify the degrees, and they would have stamped them to ascertain an individual’s profession. Also, as straightforward as this sounds, the cycle is very long and tedious, for which you need a lot of exploration done, and your records that should get submitted in the process must get prepared

Steps to Follow:

(1)- The initial step is to check between the names on your Degree and your Iqama. It must be the same name on Degree and IQAMA. However, if there is even a slight change, they can dismiss your application because of this slip-up. Also, to coordinate the Degree and Iqama name, contact Jawazat and request that they change the name/spelling on your Iqama.

(2)- Send your degrees for authentication from the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

(3)- Next, you need to get a letter from your working organization mentioning the Saudi Cultural office to verify the degrees. Also, the letter must have all the details composed accurately and the details containing the name, calling/position in the organization and your date of joining.

(4)- At that point, get another letter from your work organization in a similar pattern for the Saudi Embassy in your nation to bear witness to the degrees.

(5)- When you get the letters from your organization, send the records to the Saudi Cultural Office and the Saudi Embassy with your degrees. Moreover, they may approach you to verify these degrees first from MOFA in your local nation or Higher Education Commission.

(6)- You need to send in an introductory letter, a duplicate of identification and Iqama, a copy of Visa and a unique degree.

(7)- Degree confirmation cycle can be taken care of by somebody who lives in your nation and can adapt to finishing the archives and giving the applicable administrative work. On the off chance that you don’t have somebody, at that point, the fundamental rate for specialists is SR 400/ –

(8)- When you get the verified degrees back, you may hand them over to the “MANDOOB” of your organization, who can deal with the methodology from that point.

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Registering Of Saudi Council Of Engineering (In Case If Person Wants To Change His Profession To Engineering):

After the attestation of Degree, if a person changes his job to engineering, he should register himself as an engineer at the Saudi Council of Engineering. When you get employment in Saudi Arabia, you must list your occupation because it is in your residence. Failure to do so could lead to severe consequences.

The Saudi Council of Engineering is an association with which each Engineer in KSA needs to enlist with. You need to demonstrate your documentation and confirmation of schooling to show yourself in the chamber.

You have to prepare a pdf file of all the documents below and submit it on the Saudi Council of Engineering website.

Required Documents:

(1)- Passport (1 COPY)

(2)- IQAMA (1 COPY)

(3)- Letter of Employment

(4)- Letter of Authorization.

(5)- Attested engineering Degree (1 COPY)

(6)- Grade sheet.

(7)- Photograph (200×200cm)

(8)- Resume or CV (Original or copy)

You can submit all the documents in pdf format below the website link

                           HERE: “Saudi Council of Engineering”

Registering Of Saudi Organization For Certified Public Accountants (In Case If Person Wants To Change His Profession To Accounts):

In case you get recruited as an Accountant, at that point, you need to enlist yourself with SOCPA. This is according to Saudi Labor Law.

SOCPA represents the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants. Enrollment is crucial when you are applying for a family visa. When you get enlisted with SOCPA, the cycle turns out to be moderately more straightforward.

After the attestation of Degree, if a person changes his job to accounts, he should register himself as an accountant. It is done at Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants.

You have to prepare a pdf file of all the documents below. Then submit that file on the Saudi Council of Engineering website.

Required Documents:

(1)-  Passport (1 COPY)

(2)- IQAMA (1 COPY)

(3)- Letter of Employment

(4)- Letter of Authorization.

(5)- Attested accountant Degree (1 COPY)

(6)- Grade sheet.

(7)- Photograph (200×200cm)

(8)- Resume or CV (Original or copy)

You can submit all the documents in pdf format below the website link after making an account at the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants website.

                       HERE: “Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants

Changing Iqama Profession Fees:

The online methodology for changing your Iqama calling doesn’t need to present your verified degrees; however, MOI needs to request them. Accordingly, it is savvy to have confirmed degrees with you when you settle on this method.

You need to submit 1000 SAR – for changing the work type. The charge should get provided by the business as per the Saudi Labor Law

You can’t take your case to “JAWAZAT” for an adjustment in calling, so you will require your GRO to go there rather than you and finish the cycle.

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For change of profession in KSA, a person should make sure there are no criminal charges against him

  • Expat shouldn’t have any traffic violation report against him.
  • Expat IQAMA should be valid and still active.
  • He shouldn’t have any “HUROOB” charge.
  • Expat should have a Letter of Authorization from the Ministry of Labor.
  • Expat should have deposited fees against his Iqama.
  • The Expat sponsor shouldn’t have any traffic violation report against him.

Check Changed Iqama Profession On Ministry Of Interior Website:

If a person changed his IQAMA profession and wants to know whether the new IQAMA profession is in place, he can verify this at the “ABSHER” profile.

(1)– First of all, open the official website of MOI (Ministry of Interior) “ABSHER.”

                Here: “ABSHER PORTAL“.

(2)– After opening the website, you will choose the type of person from two choices “INDIVIDUAL” if you are just a single specific person or “BUSINESS” if you are a company.

(3)– After choosing the person type, you can change language to your preferred language by using the in-built google feature.

(4)– After choosing the language, click on log in to open your existing account.

(5)– After clicking on the Login button, you will need to put your username in English and the password carefully

(6)– After that, put the image captcha code carefully and then click on proceed.

(7)– When you click on proceed, you are going to get a verification code on the phone number which is attached to the Absher platform. Just put the code and log in to your account.

Check Changed Iqama Profession On Ministry Of Interior Website
Check Changed Iqama Profession On Ministry Of Interior Website

(8)- After login to your account, you will see detailed information about you below your image. You will see a “CURRENT PROFESSION” column at the end of your photo column just above the “MORE SERVICES” button. Also, Here you can see your current professional details. If the current profession is changed, there is no need to worry, but if your IQAMA profession is not changed, then this might be possible that your request to change the profession is rejected, and you have to remove the mistakes to change your IQAMA profession.

Reasons of rejections:

Below I have mentioned some reasons that indicate why the Ministry of Labour rejects the change profession of IQAMA.

(1)- If the work-permit of the individual is “Aamil Manzali” aka house worker

(2)- On the off chance that you are changing the employment of your Iqama inside Saudi Arabia and your Employer has any offences and cases of Violations.

(3)- On the off chance that you are changing the employment of your Iqama inside Saudi Arabia and you have any road traffic offences and any criminal sentencing.

(4)- If you have Insufficient AVAILABLE IQAMA Funds for change of profession.

(5)- Ministry of Labor dismisses service of Labor request based on the historical backdrop of your support.

(6)- If he has any traffic violation report against him or “HUROOB” charge. Moreover, he has no traffic violation report against his sponsor.

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