Saudi Arabia Transportation Authority Launched Careem Service Between Saudi Arabia And Bahrain

Dubai’s online Careem service has introduced a ride-hailing service between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

According to the Arab News, customers can book a car from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia using this exceptional service. However, the minimum fare of one way will be 198, and the maximum will depend upon the fuel rate, toll pass, waiting time, traffic, and distance.

In Which Cities Of Ksa Will, This Careem Service Be Available?

However, using this Careem service, people will travel to and forth from BAHRAIN to several cities of Saudi Arabia. These cities include:

  1. Dammam
  2. Al-Khabar
  3. Al-Dhahran
  4. Al-Jubail
  5. Baqiq
  6. Al-Hofuf
  7. Riyadh.

However, intercity service is already available in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. However, Vehicles can carry up to five passengers per trip.

“As we continue to invest in the Bahraini market, we will expand our product range to provide easy transportation solutions in and around the cities of Karim,” said Karim GCC General Manager in a statement I am determined to give.

Moreover, non-oil trade between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia rose 18 percent to 78.781 million in the second quarter of this year, the report said.

Also, according to the latest figures from Bahrain’s e-Government and Information Authority, Saudi Arabia accounted for half of Bahrain’s total trade with the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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