Cancel Sim Under an IQMA In KSA

Cancel a Sim Card Under an IQMA In KSA

Cancel a Sim Card Under an IQMA In KSA: Cell phone Sims are ordinarily utilized in the expanded illegal activities all around the globe. Or there is a chance that a sim is enlisting under your Iqama. You have no clue about it and someone may utilize it for some illegal activity. You certainly are in a tough situation. While living in KSA which applies severe rules for the individuals who are living with iqama in the nation.

In KSA CITC and Mobile companies provide a facility to the resident to check the number of sims registered under their IQAMA. They just put the IQAMA details in the required columns and provides the facility to cancel the sim under an IQAMA

How To Cancel Mobile Number Under an Iqama Online?

If you want to cancel a sim card registering under your IQAMA, Follow the below procedure.

1– First go to the portal of CITC.

2– Now select your preferred language and continue.

3– First you must register to CITC by following the below procedure

4-Select the person type as an “Individual

5– Enter the IQAMA number and date of birth of the person who wants to check sim details

6– After that, put your phone number (registered at Absher) in the required column. You will receive a verification message on your phone number.

7- Put the verification number in the required column and add an email account.

8– Now click on the tab of “COMPLAINTS” and then further click at “My COMPLAINTS” to continue the process

                                                 Here: “MY COMPLAINTS

9– After you reached “MY COMPLAINTS” click on submit new complaint.

10– Now choose to cancel the number further after selecting complaint.

11– A new window will be opened in which you have to put some personal information like network provider company or phone number or your name to continue the complaint.

12– Now click on the Send button to start the process of complaint. After you click on send button your sim provider will get the notification. You have to request to cancel the sim and in a duration of 5 days, this sim will be canceled.

How To Cancel Sim Under an Iqama At Network Provider Company

If you filed a complaint to block or cancel an anonymous number under your IQAMA and still after 5 days, the number is active or showing online status on the CITC website. T hen it can be messy for you because in any case if the number is using in some illegal activity the first person who will be questionable by the police will be the person whose IQAMA is used to register the sim. So, to save yourself from crisis you must do some effort in order to cancel the sim under your IQAMA.

1– First call the helpline of the Sim network provider company and tell them that there is an anonymous and suspicious sim under your IQAMA. Below there is a list of helplines of network providers choose your network provider and call them to carry out the cancellation.


2– Now after filing the complaint visit the nearest network provider of your SIM and tells them the complaint number issued by the helpline.

3– After visiting the nearest network provider you will be asked for a copy of your IQAMA, Id card to verify the sim is under your IQAMA.

After visiting the network provider center, SIM under your IQAMA will be blocked or canceled within a time of a few hours or days.

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