Budget Friendly Hotels in Dubai That Won't Break Your Pocket

Budget Friendly Hotels in Dubai That Won’t Break Your Pocket

Is it possible to experience a low-cost holiday in Dubai or is it a pipe dream? The question arises spontaneously given that this destination is, in everyone’s imagination, a destination for the rich. The Thousand and One Nights hotels, bullion dispensers in shopping malls, and the Ferraris whizzing around the Marina testify to this Right?

These are all true things, which are part of the experiences of a vacation in the UAE. Yet – and some will be surprised at this point – organizing a cheap trip to Dubai and then getting affordable hotels in Dubai is possible (and fun too).

Obviously, if you are willing to plan everything well. So, if you are dreaming of seeing this capital of the Arab Emirates live, arm yourself with patience, a good internet connection, and carefully read the advice you find in the list below.

The right time to go to low-budget Dubai 

Everywhere you have read that the right time to visit Dubai is from October/November to February/March. True, indeed, very true because from late spring until the end of summer the temperatures become hot, just as you would expect from a city that rises in the desert.

Precisely for this reason, however, if you are dreaming of a low-cost holiday in Dubai, you must plan your departure from March to September! In fact, during this period you will find great fares for flights and above all, you can really stay in one of the Thousand and One Nights hotels without breaking the bank.

A tip: look for one with a swimming pool and by the sea. In this way, you will also solve the problem of how to stay cool during the hottest hours of the day. Because yes, in Dubai in the summer it is hot, but the city is beautiful nonetheless. Word of those who were there at that time.

Where to find the best hotel and apartment rates in Dubai 

To sleep in Dubai on a budget, there are different solutions, both hotels, and apartments. In addition, many luxury hotels in the city offer much lower prices in the summer!

One above all is the fabulous Atlantis Hotel, a symbol of the Emirates. This hotel is located directly on the private beach and in summer you can book rooms for less than $350, including access to the Aquaventure Water Park and Lost Chambers Aquarium. It is therefore always worth checking!

Cheap hotels in Dubai 

Among the cheap hotels in Dubai, we point out some really convenient ones. In summer the rates range from $50 to $100 per night for a room for two people.

  • Rove Downtown: Conveniently located next to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, with an outdoor pool and sun terrace. It offers a gym, children’s playroom, do-it-yourself laundry service and lockable luggage storage, and rates are very affordable;
  • Wyndham Dubai Marina: Located in the Dubai Marina area, with a free shuttle to the beach and stunning views. Equipped with swimming pool, spa and gym;
  • Rove Dubai Marina: this is also in Dubai Marina, near the beach, with a free shuttle service to the sea, metro and shopping mall. It offers a swimming pool, tea and coffee making facilities in the room and also the possibility to use a do-it-yourself laundry. Next to it, there are supermarkets open 24 hours a day.

Low-cost residences in Dubai 

If, on the other hand, you prefer solutions that also allow you to prepare meals – so as to save! – or if you are traveling with children, consider the apartments. These residences in Dubai in the summer offer rates from $90 to $150:

  • Abidos Apartment: very spacious apartments, with kitchen, swimming pool and very good rates;
  • Roda Amwaj Suites Jumeirah Beach Residence: large and bright apartments located on the beachfront in the Jumeirah Beach area. Next to the structure, there is a supermarket;

How to save on things to see in Dubai 

The most popular attractions in Dubai are amazing and – very often – they leave you speechless. However, they are actually expensive so if you are planning a low-cost holiday you need to organize yourself well.

In addition to the advice already given – for example, to check with hotel and airline agreements – another thing to consider is birthdays. For example, admission to the Aquaventure park on your birthday is free!

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Where to eat in Dubai low-cost 

Also in this case the restaurants in Dubai are many, of all kinds and for all budgets. To save money and eat well, we suggest some possibilities:

  • Supermarket ready meals: in many supermarkets – such as Waitrose in the basement of the Dubai Mall – you will find ready meals with great prices (pasta salads, Indian cuisine, Arabic cuisine, fruit salads). In addition of course to bread, pizzas, meats and cheeses;
  • Ethnic restaurants and street food: in addition to expats in the city there are many Indian and Pakistani workers. Eating in these restaurants or in the stalls will allow you to satisfy yourself at will without spending madness. For example, at Raviin Al Satwa Street you will find Pakistani dishes for around $8 while at the Ripe Food and Craft Market organic food stalls and local producers;
  • Cooking at home: if you choose to sleep in a structure that has the kitchen option then you will have breakfast and lunch or dinner.

The tips for Budget-Friendly Hotels in Dubai That Won’t Break Your Pocket end here. If you liked this article, share it because sharing is caring!

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