Benefits of Iqama

Benefits of Iqama in Saudi Arabia

“EXPATS” can only live in KSA if and only if they have native or citizen permit, which is called “IQAMA” in Saudi language. The Ministry of Labor and Jawazat charge some amount or fees for almost every service, which can be paid by the IQAMA funds in your account. There are many benefits of Iqama in Saudi Arabia.

As per Saudi Law the IQAMA renewal, insurance, and health care are the employer’s responsibility. An employer cannot deduct the IQAMA renewal charges from the employee’s salary.

Types of Iqama:

Occasionally there are two types of IQAMA

  • Premium IQAMA or Premium Residency
  • Work permit or simple IQAMA.

Validity of Iqama:

To live life peacefully and enjoy it while staying in Saudi Arabia, every Expat must have a valid Iqama or residency permit for the stay. Moreover, One can check Iqama expiry using abshar. However, If someone doesn’t have abshar, they can ask their fellow expat to check iqama expiry of fellow expat using their Abshar account.

Benefits of Iqama:

There are many benefits to having IQAMA in Saudi Arabia. Still, if you have a work permit type of IQAMA, you will get the below benefits.

Visa Related issues:

  • “EXPATS” who are willing to bring their family members can do so, but the one-time visit should be a maximum of 6 months
  • Those who are Muslims and wiling to do UMRAH or Hajj can get a Hajj or Umrah permit under their IQAMA
  • “EXPATS” has a work-permit that can get an exit/re-enter visa.
  • Any Expat having IQAMA can also apply and check the family visit visa application online on the “ABSHER” account by using the IQAMA number 
  • “EXPATS” having IQAMA can also apply for the final exit visa and check the final exit visa application status.
  • “EXPATS” has a valid passport, visa and IQAMA can cancel the final exit visa.

Bringing Dependents to Saudi Arabia:

  • Anyone having the IQAMA can sponsor his Family or dependent levy and represent them in any legal matter.
  • “EXPATS” having an IQAMA can even add the new baby born (in KSA or outside of KSA) details under their IQAMA.
  • “Anyone having IQAMA can send their children to any Private English School.

Travel and Leisure:

  • “EXPATS” who love to see the culture and discover new destinations can freely travel anywhere in Saudi Arabia by just keeping IQAMA with him or them.
  • “EXPAT” who needs to travel between cities using buses can travel through buses by just showing their IQAMA to the required authorities.
  • They can even enjoy the benefit of trains by just carrying IQAMA with them all time, which made the distance much shorter than before 
  • “EXPATS” having IQAMA have the best opportunity to avail every transporting service include SAPTCO.
  • “EXPATS” can visit certain seashores in Jeddah which are just for expat, and they can wear swimwear and shorts.

Use of Government Services:

  • Those having a normal work IQAMA can also upgrade your IQAMA to Saudi Green Card.
  • They can renew their IQAMA when it expired a specific under a work contract. 
  • Any Expat having an IQAMA can get the Medical health insurance card and can also add it under their IQAMA.
  • “EXPATS” having a valid IQAMA have the authority to charge a report against their “KAFEEL” for filing a fake “HUROOB” against them.
  • “EXPATS” can also change their profession using your IQAMA and attorney powers.
  • Any of them having a valid IQAMA can also change their sponsor if necessary, under required terms and conditions.
  • “EXPATS” having IQAMA can also apply for the driving license and add the driving license under their IQAMA.
  • Anyone having the IQAMA can even do the “FAHAS” or Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection test and can update in under his IQAMA.

Adding Funds to Pay Government related payments

“EXPATS” has a valid IQAMA with certain IQAMA available funds under their IQAMA, which can be used in the following fields.                                                       

  • Renewal of IQAMA
  • Renewal of visit visa
  • Change of professional service.
  • In the Naval-Kafala (change or transfer of Kafeel)
  • In the fees of exit and re-entry visa (individual or multiple visas)

Mobile and Sim numbers:

  • They can get Sim cards under their IQAMA.
  • “EXPATS” having IQAMA can even remove the suspicious Sim cards under their IQAMA.
  • “EXPATS” having IQAMA can use the KIOSK registration machine to change the old or lost mobile phone number in the “ABSHER” registered account.


  • They can open a bank account in any Private or local bank of Saudi Arabia
  • “Expats” can get credit or debit cards
  • “EXPATS” can even get a house on lease for a limited time.
  • Valid Iqama is necessary to use the STC Pay app.

There are many other benefits which we have missed.

However, The main point is to have a valid Iqama which you can use for various services. If you are new in Saudia, check this link on how you can apply for an Iqama in 2021

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