Ban On Public Transport For Foreigners And Saudis Wearing Inappropriate Clothes

Ban On Wearing Inappropriate Clothes On Public Transport For Foreigners And Saudis

The Public Transport Authority has drafted terms and conditions for public transport and passengers. They announced Ban On Wearing Inappropriate Clothes On Public Transport For Foreigners And Saudis.

What Are The New Terms And Conditions For Passengers Issued By Pta (Public Transport Authority)?

  1. According to the Okaz newspaper, the new draft also encourages transporters to provide special facilities to the disabled and those unable to walk. The transporter will not have the right to refuse to provide special services. 
  2. Transport companies must provide discounted tickets to the disabled and not charge extra for special services.
  3. Passengers will allowed to conditionally keep small pets with them on public transport when traveling by public transport, provided that other riders are not affected or obstructed.
  4. If possible, designate a special place for pets.
  5. Passengers who cross the passenger line or bypass barriers at public transport stations should get barre from boarding. 
  6. Transport authorities should prevent passengers from boarding who are wearing inappropriate or bad clothes. 
  7. Passengers who stink will also not allowed to use public transport.
  8. No passenger will allowed to spit or throw rubbish at transport facilities or stations.
  9. Passengers will not allowed to photograph or take videos of other passengers traveling with them.

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