Authorities in Saudi Arabia have set some rules for Hajj 2021

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have set some rules for Hajj 2021.

The Saudi Interior Ministry opened all its international borders on (17-05-2021) Monday (airports, seaports, and border checkpoints) between 1 pm on Sunday and Monday. Recently they have announce that hajj will take place and people from all over the world are allowed to take part in Hajj 2021. They will announce the number of pilgrims later on. However, Authorities in Saudi Arabia have set some rules for Hajj 2021.

Rules for Hajj 2021:

Here are some rules for Hajj 2021 and preparation to get ready for it

Cleaning of Holy Mosques:

(1)- In preparation for the Hajj season, the Makkah Mukarramah Municipality has started cleaning the holy shrines.

(2)- According to the local news website, the municipality has deployed 1,000 workers to clean up Mina, Muzdalifah, and Arafat.

(3)- The municipality said in a statement that they started the clean-up operation on Monday (24-06-2021). For this purpose, more than 120 different types of instruments are using in the holy shrines.

“Sweepers have started work in the Mani plains to prepare for Hajj 1442, while they will clean all areas of the holy shrine in phases. Under the advance plan, the work will expand while the workforce will increase.”

Every Pilgrim needs to take vaccine before Hajj:

  • The first of many rules for Hajj 2021 is that this year, people between the ages of 18 and 60 will be allowed to perform Hajj. Applicants must be vaccinated, person.
  • It will also be necessary for the applicants to be free from complex diseases and present a certificate that they have not been hospitalized in the near past due to kidney cleansing or harsh conditions during the last six months. They will have to present a medical certificate of fitness to obtain a Hajj permit.
  • Before arriving in Saudi Arabia, all pilgrims must present a PCR test certificate stating that the candidate is free from Corona. The corona test should be performed 72 hours before the trip from a reputable laboratory in the country.
  • In another rules of Hajj 2021, Hajj pilgrims must present a certificate of immunization of all doses of one of the cod vaccines approved in the country. This certificate must be certified by the official health institution of the pilgrim.
  • Regarding the vaccine dose, it will also be essential to note that 14 days have passed since the last dose of the two-dose vaccine or the first dose of the single-dose vaccine left for Saudi Arabia.

Hotel Reservation and Arrival:

  • Regulations are in place for pilgrims’ accommodation, arrival, and departure. MOI will monitor the latest epidemic while it may make new decisions in light of the unique situation.
  • According to Al-Akhbariya Channel, Al-Madinah, and Al-Okaz newspapers, significant conditions have been set for Hajj this year.
  • Passengers will have to go through thermal cameras while going to the residence; this will also be the case on the occasion of their arrival and departure.
  • Pilgrims will reserve hotels in Makkah and Madinah. Pilgrims must follow health regulations set by the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Hajj, and other government agencies.
  • Crowding will not be allowed in dining halls or hotel reception centers, while the open buffet system will be banned.
  • Hajj pilgrims will be kept in Hotel Quarantine for three days upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. During this time, they will ensure social distance, and management will set up new tents.
  • Management will set caravan stop points as the Pilgrims will come and go. All regulations are in place regarding throwing stones, pilgrimage places, sacred trains, and accommodation in Mani.

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