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How to Register on ANAT Application in 2022 – A Complete Guide

Saudi Arabia is adopting the digital era and introducing different apps that are useful during this pandemic. Anat App is also one of those apps.

COVID-19 became a serious issue all over the globe. Still, Saudi Arabia took the most important step to protect its citizens, residents, and expats from it. They are supplying and providing Covid 19 Pfizer BioNtech vaccines for free. Delivering a Vaccine for free is not only the case.

On 1 MARCH 2020, a medical application “ANAT” was created by the MOI and MOH (Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health). This application is made under the supervision of SDAIA.

The motivation behind this application is to provide an intercommunication bridge between health workers.

However, the Anat app will not only help the health workers, but it will also increase their services. In late December 2020, the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia decided to provide the vaccine to the official medical health workers through this application.

If a person works in the health care or related departments, they can get the COVID-19 vaccine easily. All they need to do is, enroll themselves for the COVID-19 vaccine using Anat App.”

Registration Process for the Anat App:

Anat Application

However, To register yourself for the COVID-19 vaccine on the “ANAT” application, you must first register yourself on the “Sehhaty App.” We have written a complete guide on how to register on Sehhaty App.

Kindly follow the below procedure carefully.


(1)- First of all, download the “SEHATY” application from the below link.

Android Users: “Sehhaty App

IOS Users: “Sehhaty App

(2)- After downloading the application, log in to your account if you already have an account in this application, or create a new account by clicking on a new user.

(3)- Once you have clicked on the new user, you will have to put your residency number (IQAMA number) and phone number in the required fields. Make sure that you have placed your “Absher” registered account credentials.

Make sure your Iqama is no expiry and you know how to check iqama expiry of your Iqama and any of your expats. 

(4)- However, After putting your Mobile phone number, you will receive a verification digital code number on your mobile phone number. You can verify the number by putting the digit code in the verification tab and then click on the continue 

(5)- Select a strong password and then click on continue.

(6)- Finally, Your account is ready, and you will be logged into your “SEHATY” account.

(7)- However, Now, you will see a banner on the homepage with a yellow background. This banner is an option to register for “COVID-19 VACCINE.”

(8)- Click on this vaccine tab, answer accordingly from the given choices.

                       (a) ME       (b) Dependent

(9)- Once you have answered about the person who wants to be vaccinated, you will be re-directed to a new tab with some terms and safety guidelines written on it. Click on the “Next” button after reading the safety guidelines carefully.

(10)- Once you clicked on the Next, you will be re-directed to the first step of the vaccine registration program. In the first step, you will be asked to put your Mobile phone number, Region, and city.

                              (a) Mobile Phone Number 

                              (b) Region  

                              (c) City 

 (11)- However, After finishing the first step, move to the second step. Moreover, In this step, you will select your occupation from the number of limited occupation lists. If you are a medical health worker, then you have to choose the 1st or 2nd occupation.


(1)- Once you have selected the 1st or 2nd occupation, you will be asked to fill out a survey on the “ANAT” application to get the vaccine.

(2)- However, To fill the survey, you have to download the “ANAT” application from the below links according to your device compatibility software.

Apple users: “ANAT.” 

Android users: “ANAT.”

(3)– Moreover, After installing the app, open the application and select your preferred language from the two available options

               (a)- ARABIC                                  (b)- ENGLISH

(4)- After choosing the preferred language, you have to click on the CREATE AN ACCOUNT to register your account.

(5)- Once you clicked on Create an Account, a new tab will be re-directed, which will ask you to link the “SEHATTY” to the “ANAT” app to get the required personal user information while performing the survey.

(6)- After clicking on continue, a new tab will be re-directed, which will lead you to register your account in 4 steps

(7)- Firstly, you need to put your SEHATTY “USER NAME” and “PASSWORD.” If you don’t have the SEHATTY account, the process to register at “SEHATTY” is briefly described above.

(8)- After you put the user name and password, you have to write the image captcha code and then click on “LOG IN” to continue to the second step.

(9)- In the second step, you will be re-directed to a verification tab, and you will get a verification code at your ABSHER registered mobile phone number. Ensure that you have the ABSHER registered mobile phone sim card in your possession so that you can register your account easily.

(10)- Put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab and click on verify. If the code is correct, the next page will open up. If you didn’t receive the verification number, you could click on the “RESEND” button to get the OTP. 

(11)- In the third step, you have to put your mobile phone number again along with the email address for “Anat” app registration.

(12)- A verification page will re-open in which you have to put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab that is sent to the mobile phone number you put in the previous step. 

(13)- After that, you have to put the password, confirm the password, and then click on next to log into your ANAT account.

(14)- This is your homepage. You will be able to see The COVID-19 tab in the first place on the Home page. To continue for the enrollment of the COVID-19 vaccine, you have to click on the 1st tab (COVID-19 tab)

(15)- After pressing the COVID-19 vaccine button, you will see some terms and guidance about the vaccination program, and then you have to click on continue.

(16)- Firstly, a new tab will open in which you have to put your basic information and answer some questions accordingly to your choice. These questions may include:

         (a)- Additional Mobile Phone Number

         (b)- Region

         (c)- Residence City

         (d)- Are you Pregnant?

         (e)- Are you current nursing?

(17)- Secondly, you will provide information including the Region, facility type, and Hospital name in which you work

(18)- ┘ÉFinally, Answer this series of questions related to your health. You have to answer them according to your current health condition

   (a) Do you suffer from obesity?

              Yes No

   (b) Ever went to Hospital under any procedure?

              Yes No

   (c) Do you have a cause of immunodeficiency?

              Yes No

   (d) Do you have a chronic disease?

              Yes No

   (e) Is there any allergy?

              Yes No

(19) At the end, verify the information that you just give. Click on the “I am sure” button, and you will be registered for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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  1. Sir .
    My ID number 2301677155
    I am working in hospital
    Since 2 months I am waiting for approval for vaccination..
    Please check my id and give the permission sir thank I

    1. Hello. We are not the right person to contact for this. Please consult MOH or your hospital administrations for this purposes.