Almost 5.6 Million Illegal Immigrants have been caught so far

Almost 5.6 Million Illegal Immigrants have been caught so far

Saudi Arabia is a famous country for a large number of “EXPATS.” Also, According to a survey, “Expats” are doing almost 67% of jobs in Saudi Arabia. People from all over the globe try to migrate to KSA, and when they don’t find any legal way to say, they try to move to KSA by using unfair means, which end up a severe charge of illegal migration against them. Therefore, nowadays many of them are illegal immigrants who work here b don’t have proper papers e.g. Iqama

Moreover, Approximately 10.74 million expatriates are working in the Kingdom, which includes

  • 23% Syrian
  • 14% Indian
  • 10% Pakistani
  • 10% Egyptian
  • 9% Yemeni
  • 8% Bangladesh
  • 7 Filipino
  • 6% Srilankan
  • 4% Indonesian
  • 4% Sudanese
  • 3% Jordanian/Palestinian
  • 1% Turkish
  • 1% Westerners.

However, Almost people from all over the world are working in Saudi Arabia. 

An Arrest of more than 5,600,000 Illegal Immigrants

According to the Saudi Press Agency, 5,615,884 illegal immigrants and workers are in the jails of Saudi Arabia. However, This is under the campaign against illegal immigrants from 15 November 2017 to 15 June 2021.

The Joint Campaign Against Illegal Immigrants administration said that “4,34,206 of those arrested were violating residency laws. Also, Out of the total number, 802,125 are involve in labor law violations. However, 509,553 were involved in border law violations.”

“During the period, 116,908 people infiltrating Saudi Arabia’s border are in jails. Moreover, 43% are Yemeni citizens, 54% are Ethiopians, and 3% are citizens of other countries.

Similarly, 9508 people have been arrested who were trying to cross the border illegally and go abroad.” The joint committee said 8222 people were arrested for facilitating and sheltering illegal immigrants. Of the illegal immigrants, 1553,667 have been deported after completing the formalities, while the rest are being processed.” This is all done according to the law of Saudi Arabia.

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